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Girl Scouts Suggest Abortion Activist Wendy Davis for “Woman of the Year”


Who should young girls grow up to be like? If you listen to the Girl Scouts, the answer is apparently they should aspire to become Wendy Davis, the state legislator whose sole claim to fame is standing up against a bill to stop abortions all the way to birth in Texas.

On December 18, 2013, Girl Scouts USA tweeted: “Incredible Ladies Who Should Be Women of the Year for 2013” and asking if anyone should be added to the list.

The link goes to a column by the liberal Huffington Post, which promotes Davis and pro-abortion activist Gloria Steinem as potential women of the year. Are these really the kind of women the Girl Scouts want young girls to grow up to be?




24 Comments on Girl Scouts Suggest Abortion Activist Wendy Davis for “Woman of the Year”

  1. Liberals crack me up…they spend every waking moment telling you whatever they are doing is “for the children”…yet they couldn’t care less about terminating a child before it has the chance to enjoy life outside the womb…Liberals are just pathetic excuses for “supposedly” the most compassionate people on Earth…just do me a favor libtards…GFYS!!!!

  2. Truly these people are desperately warped. Why don’t they stop all pretense and go full tilt Sparta – lobby for laws so they can just toss the new born off a highway overpass and let a bus or tractor trailer determine their fate.

    And as for your cookies – where the sun don’t shine sweetheart.

  3. Pervs and liberals have taken over Boy and Girl Scouts. I would recommend following Jesse Jackson’s advice about George Bush, only I would direct it to innocent kids going camping with their new “leaders”:

    “Stay out da bushes”

    Yes, Jesse actually said that and I have been laughing at him ever since.

  4. Infiltrating the War on Women; Eating Their Own

    Girl Scouts endorses the killing of young girls before they are old enough to scout. And you thought only men were callous?

  5. Next time a sweet, little, innocent girl apparoaches me with those big puppy dog eyes as I walk out of the supermarket and asks me if I want to buy some cookies to help support the Girl Scouts I’m going to get right in her face and scream as loud as Ioud as I can, “RUN! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND GET AWAY FROM THIS ORGANIZATION THAT SUPPORTS KILLING CHILDREN!!!”

    Yeah. She’ll drop like a box of rocks and cry like no tomorrow but years later she’ll thank me.

  6. I pulled my girls out of Girl Scouts when the Breakfast With Dad event was deemed un-inclusive because it acknowledged girls had dads.
    Girl Scouts ceased being a wonderful organization for young girls long ago. It’s now a radical leftist indoctrination mill. Stay away.

  7. Is this really what they want to teach young girls? Go ahead, sleep around, have an abortion, repeat. It is incredibly sad that leftards have to indoctrinate the young to promote their evil, but then agin, they have no objections to brutally murdering the young either. Ideology over morality if you are a leftist.

  8. Locally, the Girl Scouts are run by decent parents whose goals are what’s best for our daughters. The problems with the Girl Scouts is more of a national, or even regional, problem. Kinda like the Republican Party.

  9. Someone missed the memo. There is no choice when the guiding light of feminity is standing bow legged with cankles at the ready. All together now: Hillary, Hillary, Hillary! Why. Because she’ll crush your cubes with her death stare if you’re not careful. Free healthcare, living wages, and pantsuits for all because, “I don’t feel no ways tired!”

  10. Yes, all Christians and people who care about the lives of the unborn should wholeheartedly boycott Girl Scouts. Do not give your children to the liberal feminist seminary. Do not buy cookies that fund abortions. Learn the truth about the Girl Scouts, from there inception they were brought into existence to be the antithesis for what the Boy Scouts once stood for, (notice that I put that in the past tense.)

  11. How do Progressives always manage to weasel their way to the top of every organization anyway?

    There seems to be a connection between the mentalities of Progressives and administrators. Bureaucrats are most naturally Progressives. That’s just the way it is, I guess.

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