Girl Slips Obama a Note

What’s it say???

Highest thumbed comment wins THIS.

Contest ends at Midnight tonight ET.


142 Comments on Girl Slips Obama a Note

  1. “Is that a potato in your pocket or are you just happy to see….the gay guy behind me?”….

  2. “I didn’t want to embarrass you by saying it out loud, so I wrote it down for you. Your epidermis is showing!”

  3. I took a poll of everyone in the audience, this is the result: 99% want you to get your a$$ out of here and go back to Kenya

  4. “Obama, Thank you sooo much for the tax-payer funded abortion program. I’ve used it 3 times already!”

  5. Your Secret Service agents suck. This could have been a needle with poison I inject into your chest.

  6. Nice security. This may be fake. I mean it could be Anthrax
    I want to know what The Moose says when she sees this.
    “”OH!!!!! HELL NO!!!!”””

  7. Um, Mr. President, I don’t mean to embarrass you but when somebody tells you you should put a potato in your pants, it goes in front.

  8. I love faggy guys like you. If you need a new beard I’m you lady but you have to dump Chewbacca.

  9. Here’s my bill for my abortion and various other birth control. You got this, right?

  10. It said to look in the mirror and simply repeat Jimmy Carter five times and Carter will go back to being the worst president in the history of the United States of America.

  11. On side 1 of note:

    How to keep an idiot occupied
    (see other side).

    On side 2 of note:

    How to keep an idiot occupied
    (see other side).

  12. Basmatti Rice
    Rainier Cherries

    Be a dear and insist the grocer get the zucchini from the warehouse. It’s where they keep the good ones.

    And don’t forget the drycleaning.

  13. She handed him a note from God that says, Dear Barry quit trying to pretend that you’re God because I AM and you are not. Please don’t disregard this warning and have a nice day. Signed, your loving saviour who died even for the likes of you. PS the flies are just the beginning.

  14. Assuming this is real and not Photoshop, no protection detail allows a random crowd member to just reach out and touch The Person’s person. If real. Of course, his Secret Service could all be drunk or stoned.

    Possibly she’s a known staffer and “cleared”, but even that would be incredibly sloppy. Unless yes, she’s passing a phone# for her gay hunky roommate.

  15. I warned you about leaving Joe Biden unattended at my shop.
    He is now full of sugar and caffeine and the owner of a squirrel.
    Good luck with that.

  16. Ok, just saw this on bigger screen. I call Photoshop.
    The crowd is looking about 30 degrees to the right of the spot where Obama has been inserted.
    None of them are actually looking AT him.
    Not that I would blame them.

  17. it’s real:

    July 8, 2014
    “A woman slips a note into the President’s front shirt pocket as he greeted pedestrians during an impromptu walk in downtown Denver, Colorado.”
    (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

  18. BILL:

    Air Force One $228k/hr

    Vacations $40mil

    White House Events $Undisclosed millions

    Screwing Americans Priceless

  19. This photo is a year old? MJA? If so it must have been a “cleared’ crowd. So here is my winning entry:

    Dear Barack. I am Joy Blojobe, President of WMWOA, White Moonstruck Women of America. We need to talk. Tel. 666 1313.

  20. Nieto wants his money for the last batch of imported criminals. Pay up shithead, or we’re sending the cartels after you and the pooch.

  21. Glad to see you here. I felt real bad about forgetting to tip you outside the opera last week, it was really weighing on me.
    Here’s your $20

  22. Michelle is the father of my son. For a cool $10,000,000, I can forget my night with “Sasquatch.” P.S. – I named him Barry.

  23. You blithering idiot! Davy Crockett wore a COON skin cap, NOT BEAVER. Didn’t they teach you anything about America pop culture in your Indonesian Muslim school?

  24. Gender reassignment counselling is important for a successful transition. See you at the next session. Your sponsor, Juliette.

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