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Give Them Something to Really Cry About

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In one of the weirdest scenes I’ve ever heard about happening on Capitol Hill, Democrats left the House floor in tears on Thursday. I don’t mean that in a hyperbolic fashion. I mean that there were Democrats who literally started crying.  

What got them so worked up? Speaker Mike Johnson and other Republicans passed a bill to fully fund aid to Israel by using unspent increases in IRS funding. More

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  1. Give Them Something to Really Cry About

    My choice would be a triple whammy…
    — No more PACs
    — Make them obey the same insider trading laws everybody else has to
    — cancel latest self-awarded pay raise
    — make them use ObamaCare

    OK, that’s a quad whammy, not triple. So sue me!

  2. Uncle Al you missed them giving themselves a $34,000 pay raise,rent,meals per diem amounting for many thousands per year for each of them.
    So now we are paying for them to live and eat in DC.

  3. These people are pure evil. Violation of the public trust, election fraud and using one’s office for personal gain should carry mandatory 30-year prison terms and, if egregious, be life in prison or carry the death penalty. It would only need to be applied a couple times and the quality of representation would improve drastically. As it is now, there is absolutely no accountability for their criminal behavior and they know the citizens can’t do a damn thing about it. We’re screwed.

  4. mod,
    I’m not averse to using polyethylene rope, polypropylene rope, piano wire, drapery cord, electrical wire, tie wire, or twisted cable.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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