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Global Warming ruining Fall in NY


“The intensity of the color and the length of time the leaves stay on the trees depend on the weather,” she says. And she admits the leaves won’t be quite as eye-popping this year.

“If you were able to collect the leaves and compare them from year to year, I think this year’s leaves might not be as vibrant or as bright.”  more @ NYP

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  1. are the trekkies heading there to walk through the hills and enjoy the dearth of colors, or planning to bicycle? If not, if they are driving anything with a motor and combustion engine, then to HELL with them…Those particular Liberals and ecowookies have scrambled feces and hog bits for brains…

  2. I wish this mythical global warming would hit Canada this winter after the long, long winter we had last year.

  3. I just came in from a beautiful fall day, and the color is some of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Bad part is, driving / ride on the same roads with tourists half in the bag doing a weekend winery drunk drivers. The cops don’t screw with the weekenders as long as the sun is still up, or they did kill someone driving!

  4. Here’s a clue you fucking stupid gubmint morons…plant more sugar maples in the northeastern states instead of goddam fucking worthless Norwegian maples. Uh duh.

  5. What ruins fall, and every season in New York, is these global warming charlatans, whom I want desperately to STFU.

    Okay, so we had a warm September. It happens. Where were these braying donkeys on February 20, when the wind – chill plunged to -20 degrees F. in Yonkers? I got asthma just going into and out of taxicabs that day.

    And never mind the “vibrancy.” Westchester County is always gorgeous this time of year.

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