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Send Them All To Hell

A Muslim terrorist who just stabbed an Israeli police officer had pork parts put on his face as he lay on a stretcher.


While an Israeli ambulance crew was trying to revive the terrorist, an Israeli bystander got close enough to put slices of raw meat on his body. (Screenshot: YouTube)

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  1. Imagine people 100 years or more from now reading about how these wars and battles were won when people began to lash out in heretofore eccentric ways: throwing pork bits at their enemies.

    At one point I do believe that en masse people WILL begin to fight back in a big way, I just never considered that it might open up with this. 😛

    It’s absolutely crazy in a way, but it could actually be effective, at least as a start. 😛

    Ha ha, remember Barnhardt and her raw bacon bookmarks. 😛

  2. Teehee. They should all be dealt with in this manner. Much like when Putin put the bodies of the dead pro-Chesan terrorists who sieged that school in Beslan into pork skin bags (and then went and offed the families of the terrorists) because muslims believe that if you touch pork, dead or alive you won’t get your 72 virgins.

    Who knew Jimmy Dean products could help win the war on islamic terror.

  3. Not sure if I believe this one. Though it’s pleasing to think its true.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought pork was taboo for both the Muslims and the Jews.

  4. Herein lies the weakness of the Armies of The Devil. They are afraid of contamination by touching Pork.
    Use this.
    Black Jack Pershing did in the Philippines. It worked handily.

    If Lazlo were President, I would announce that all corpses of Muslim terrorists will be ground up and fed to Pigs. Then show it happening.
    Then I would announce that due to a glitch in record keeping, that all munitions manufactured for use by the US Military since 1953 has accidentally had Pork products used as a lubricant in the final assembly. Anybody shot with these munitions has been contaminated.

  5. The Indian Rebellion of 1857 in New Delhi against the British East Indian Company was partly ignited by the objection of Hindu & Muslim sepoys to the powder packets for the then new Enfield rifles, which they believed were coated with pig fat. The rebellion also triggered the rise of the Wahhabi faction of Muslims in India. So yeah, they go more crazy than normal over such things.

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