Globalist W. Bush- wants more US intervention, wishes he passed amnesty, criticizes Trump

Breitbart: Former President George W. Bush, who led the United States into war across the Middle East, attacked President Trump on Wednesday night, saying U.S. intervention is necessary “for the sake of peace” around the globe.

During a panel alongside former President Bill Clinton at the Nir School of the Heart, Bush laid into Trump for his recent decision to withdraw up to 1,000 American troops from northeast Syria — fulfilling his longheld campaign promise to bring troops home after more than a decade of war.

“An isolationist United States is destabilizing around the world,” Bush said, according to the Washington Post‘s Josh Rogin. “We are becoming isolationist and that’s dangerous for the sake of peace.” more here

SNIP: He seems very comfortable hanging out with the Clintons, doesn’t he?

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  1. I never thought I would come to a place where I despise that man. He let the Media destroy his presidency not because he stood above it all but because he was one of them. Just another traitor.

    Trump 2020


  2. I want my Romney vote back and my two Bush votes. Not to mention my totally wasted McCain vote! I’m a NEVERRINO ever again now!

  3. Hey w, you little pinhead! We know your world is safer with dead Americans all over the world, but we have had enough. You and your globalist friends (bill clinton?) have already enjoyed your peak of influence, riches, and power! It’s all downhill from here you evil shithead!

  4. The world was much more stable with gas shortages, $3.50+ per gallon when you were in office, the Patriot Act, creating Homeland Security and TSA and fighting two separate Midde East wars at the same time with National Guard reservists on stop-loss.

    Go paint a bowl of fruit you cheerleading globalist faggot.

  5. Jesus I have seen the light. Pieces of globalist shits. I defended Bushy and Bushy boys for years, as they would not Amercans. I am a TRUMPET now, GOP go fuck themselves,and stop fucking up America.

  6. Laura was the first tranny in the White House Big Mike was the second and both their little boy trinkets were queer!

  7. isolationist United States is destabilizing

    Not really. Personally I’m all for America First. This is the only country in the world that can shut its borders incoming and outgoing and be able to survive just fine. In fact, it would be in our better interest to do so since we’ve got traitors that want to sell our IP and assets for personal gain. *cough*Clinton*cough*Biden*cough*Democrats*cough*RINOs Selling us out is more destabilizing for USA and the world than isolationism, IMO.

  8. The same man, along with both parents, wife, brother and 2 daughters, and Karl told us in Oct ’16 VOTE CLINTON! That this immoral lefty bashes a conservative is news?

  9. Never uttered so much as a peep when the Chicago Wonder was in office, now look at him. Go make some guac with your equally assholish brother, Jeb!

  10. W never spoke up about any of the Obama scandals or attempts at ushering in more socialism or the lies he told. Nothing.
    Now he can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.
    Boo hoo. Brother Jebby lost. Now he has to snipe at the guy who beat him. If Hitlery has won he would still be silent.
    Trump has really exposed the sleaziness of the swamp and they don’t like it. Too bad. Us citizens so like it.

  11. @Pearl Clutcher October 18, 2019 at 10:34 am

    > I defended Bushy and Bushy boys for years, as they would not Amercans.

    Because they are not “Americans”. They are paragons of “The United States”.

  12. @ecp October 18, 2019 at 10:48 am

    > This is the only country in the world that can shut its borders incoming and outgoing and be able to survive just fine.

    Another “Hermit Knigdom”? Where’s the GDP (as opposed to GNP) in that?

  13. I hated W and his Dad. I never voted for either of them. What W did to our military should have been just as criminal as what Obama did. He sent them to war and then wouldn’t allow them to fight the war, tied one hand behind their back and then let the POS Obama come in and tie both their hands behind their back.

  14. Bush Jr. , another ‘Fredo’ in a family of ‘Fredos’ , cannot count to 21 outside of the shower but somehow thinks we hunger and thirst for his advice.

    I don’t know why he’s complaining anyway… Trump is just ‘ doing the job other Presidents don’t want to do. “

  15. Georgie Boys foreign policy was to destroy the Middle East in order to save it! More destroying is yet to be done and the President isn’t willing to do it with American lives and treasure! Nuff said about Georgie Boy and his thought process!!

  16. ‘W’ is still pissed at how Trump treated poor widdle Jebie.
    We finally have a fighter in the White House who fights back against the lies, corruption and B.S. that’s been going on for years and years

  17. I used to think it was Democrat’s vs Republicans, then Liberals vs Conservatives. Now I realize it’s the Deep State vs Patriots.

  18. I suspect the Bush family isn’t a helluva lot different from the Clinton family, or Kennedy, or several others I could name. So maybe Bush’s care a little more about their image.

  19. I respect the office of the presidency sooo much I can’t speak up to defend myself or the country unless a man of the people takes office that isn’t in our globalist cabal. He probably wishes he did amnesty because there would never be another GOP president and thus no DJT.

  20. There isn’t a single member of the Bush family I would cross the street to piss down their throat if their stomach were on fire. Not a Goddamn one.

  21. JD, I don’t know, it’s possible I could be talked into pissing down their throat. Not so much to put out any fire, just enough to add to their misery.

  22. Well, ya gotta give him credit, he never disappoints, if by never disappoints you mean he shows us what a Rino he is. Maybe he should take up drinking again and just go away.

    Oh, and while we’re wishin, I wish his mother had used birth control.

  23. Bush: the President who insisted “Islam is a religion of peace” after 911.

    Kind of blows your whole legacy, doesn’t it George?

  24. Now you see the inroads the Illuminati have made
    All right for you, Jack as you’ll be whisked to a bunker when they deploy the pathogen to ‘heal the earth’ of it’s surplus humans
    Mr. Trump, may God see you succeed
    Two more terms!

  25. DRG: He never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    Obama blamed for everything into Year 7 and he was a church mouse.

    After 2004, he was just like “Fuck it. I’m nominating my jogging buddy to the Supreme Court. Defend me. Where else do you have to go?”

    It’s a problem of station. All loyalty to them. No loyalty for you.

  26. P O S traitor…just like all the rest of his family. I got some dirty looks when I refused to stand for them at an astros game

  27. Slow learner or FAST forgetter? Everything President Bush said, did, and stood for was automatically opposed by the communists. If he pushed for amnesty the democommies would have been against amnesty. If he supported more intervention the communists would have been against intervention.

  28. How much more American blood needs to be spilled in fighting endless wars because we are not allowed to win because it might not be fair to the bad guys of the world. We do not need to be fighting everybody else’s fucking wars. I am tired of all cowards and chickenshits who think it’s our sole responsibility to police the world and go about generation after generation involving us in other countries affairs we shouldn’t have a damn thing to do with. I am not an isolationist but unless some other country attacks us first then we should fight to win.


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