Mysterious Gunman in Body Armor Arrested Outside Dallas Trump Rally


NBC in Dallas is reporting that a gunman wearing body armor, a helmet, and carrying pepper spray and a gas mask has been arrested outside President Trump’s rally in Dallas this evening.

Dallas police arrested the man while he was wearing a helmet, a vest and a backpack. Officers confiscated a gun, a breathing mask and an aerosol can.

The man, who has not been identified, was arrested near counter-protestors.

Dallas Police confirmed that the man had a license to carry the weapon. He was taken into custody and transported to an area hospital for an evaluation. more here

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  1. That guy needs to work on his disguise a little bit. That rally was the wrong time and place to be looking like you’re headed to some war games.

  2. “He was taken into custody and transported to an area hospital for an evaluation.”

    Probably a good guy. Not a smart one, but still a good guy. And he must not have broken any laws, so they’ll use a psych eval to get his gun.

    I notice there were no antifa thugs marauding last night. Wonder why not?

  3. He demanded to be called “Beano” or “Beto” … or something equally stupid.
    Kept waving his arms around talking shit about the end of the world, gun confiscation, and how he deserved to be Emperor of the Universe.
    Mentioned that he’d be willing to perform homosexual acts if it’d give him a rise in the polls.

    Sounds nuts.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Thirdtwin, Answerman Cooper–
    Antifa were there, but got outed by Alex Jones. Yes, an obvious decoy to make the assassination threat seem like a “nutty conspiracy.” Trolls will make a joke out of this, but today we still have a live President.
    Trump Dallas Rally:
    Alex Jones rode in on top of an armored truck blasting his megaphone at Antifa. He did it right, no one has ever done it like this. He looked awesome.

    Antifa Riot at Trump Rally in Dallas

    “My guess is that there probably was an assassination planned (possibly not with the guy mentioned directly) but security was so tight nothing could happen. Trump is not an idiot, there’s little question that event was on double triple quadruple quintuple LOCK DOWN. Anyway, Trump is still here today. Good news.”

  5. What if the guy was there in case ANTI-FA or other violent DNC / PAC funded Anti-Protesters started in on the rally?

    Some of you might remember about 2 weeks ago an ANTI-FA female supporter Michelle Kolts, 27, was arrested for having 24 pipe bombs.

    We know they are going to racket it up as the real campaigning starts for 2020.

    Or he could be just some NUTJOB.

    We won’t know 1 way or the other for sure until we get more details.

  6. Antifa is planning serious shit for 2020, IMO. They are figuring out the best tactical way forward, and will lay low for the time being, again, IMO.

    I am betting they are not into impeachment. Assassination, maybe.

  7. Are they sure it wasn’t a cop??? I mean that sounds EXACTLY like the kind of stuff a cop would be wearing/carrying.


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