Sen. Rand Paul: ‘Wouldn’t surprise me’ if John Bolton is behind Ukraine leaks

LAURA INGRAHAM: Could the Ukraine-gate leaks be the revenge of the neocons? According to “The Daily Beast” today, I don’t know if you can believe them, but President Trump suspects former National Security Advisor John Bolton leaking information to the media out of spite. Bolton, for his part, has denied leaking any negative information on Trump.


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  1. Just another vindictive turncoat whose feelings were hurt.

    Maybe Trump didn’t like his stupid-looking mustache anyway. 😉

  2. @Answerman — What got leaked? The outline of the telephone call between POTUS Trump and President Zelensky. Perhaps even the transcript of the call, upon which the non-whistleblower whistleblower ginned up their “complaint” — which they vetted with Schiff’s staff — and I believe Schiff, himself. It would have to be someone listening on the call or with access to the transcript.

    It would be a pretty serious thing for Rand Paul to speculate, wouldn’t it? I generally think of Paul as a straight shooter.

  3. Nothing coming out of the Ukraine hoax has any credibility, whatsoever; thus, it’s highly unlikely to have originated with Mr. Bolton.
    And I don’t believe that, at this stage of his life, Mr. Bolton would consider treason as some kind of salve for his bruised ego.

    And let us not make any mistakes about the issue: my dick “leaks” – passing classified information is TREASON.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. @Gladys — I don’t think Rand Paul voted this way for any reason other than he is consistent on voting down spending bills. He’s been very consistent and vocal about it.

    OTOH: And again, consistent with his fiscal bona fides, he stood fast with the president to get out of Syria.

    “Today, Rand Paul stood up and would not allow Chuck Schumer to advance a Senate vote on the House resolution condemning Trump.”

  5. Keep your eye on the ball.
    It’s the career statists v President Trump and The People

    “Honor”, patriotism, legacy have nothing to do with the motivation of the other side and the stakes are very high

  6. The warmonger cult is even more entrenched than the climate cult and every bit as sick. It’s bipartisan, demented, and, similar to the climate cult, their insistence that the US have troops at war everywhere forever coincides with more personal profit for them while they studiously avoid any personal risk to themselves or their family & friends in the process. No-skin-in-the-game for them. It’s your skin and their game.

  7. @Anonymous October 18, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    > Keep your eye on the ball.
    > It’s the career statists v President Trump and The People

    And pay no attention to the army behind the curtains.

    How many swore allegiance to The Party? (There is no allegiance to the state, anymore than allegiance to The Constitution — unless you believed those cartoons where singing, dancing, Bills tell you what’s what.) For their title of “Professional Better”. How many pinky swore it? (I’ll give those lying liars that lie a pass. Though not a PIN code. “Forgive”, but “Trust” has already been disproven.)

    You want to give POTUS a pass. OK. One more won’t matter.

    You want The People to forgive those that still call them “enemy”? Also, not a problem. Those people won’t be missed.

  8. Mr. Moustache seemed like a good attack dog at one time. Did he get the mange or too many fleas, or what?

    I can’t keep up with the good vs bad actors much anymore.

  9. @not that anonymous
    What would the president be getting a pass on exactly? Your post was a bit muddled.

    Okay. So onto the suspicion of John Bolton.

    I have two ways of thinking about it,
    1. I find it hard to believe that Bolton would commit career suicide this late in the game. He IS a warmonger, but I also always found him to be moderately smart enough. So I am surprised to see his name here.

    2. Rand Paul- while also being a RINO- has an excellent track record of not pointing fingers needlessly. He tends to stay out of most political games and clownery.

    So if I weigh 1 and 2 against one another- I would have to admit that I can’t dismiss the reality that the trustworthiness of Rand Paul trumps over John Bolton by a wide margin n

    tldr; John Bolton is suspicious and I trust Rand Paul over him in a heartbeat.


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