Go Back To Where You Came From!

Is it racist?

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  1. Maxine says you can harass people in the grocery store, gas station, etc.
    Obama says to get in their face!
    Rev Wright says goddamn America…

    But telling them to go home? WHOA! You racist!

  2. I’’d tell Twinkle Socks from Canada to go back to where he came from if he was here undermining our country. Last time I saw his picture he looked white.

  3. “Racist?” It’s all they have in an empty play book.
    The evil, nutball left is playing their failing, overused
    Humpty-Dumpty word games: “it means just what I choose it to mean; neither more nor less.”
    People are catching on and turning off.
    The end result of calling Everything and Everyone
    “Racist” like a 3 year old screaming a nonsense word over and over stretches and mutilates any word to the point that it means nothing.

  4. Sorry but this is a fight that’s already been lost.
    We understand the distinction but so do those using the cry of racism. It’s a tool that has been proven very effective and they won’t stop. Authorities have to be extremely careful while handling criminals that even the perception of racist behavior could be career ending or worse.
    It’s used constantly, justified or not to neuter authorities.

  5. Putting people into ovens because of their genotype is racist.

    “Go back to where you came from!” is good advice.
    The alternative may be desolation, starvation, and death – it all depends on how sick we get of hearing you whine.

    As Norman Berry used to say (and it goes with being an American) “You can shit on me. You can even rub it in. But don’t try to throw me out cuz I stink!”

    They’re going to keep pushing because that’s the way things work – but socialism always fails – nihilism is a death-cult – and the destruction of everything is … well … the destruction of EVERYTHING!.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. @Gin Blossom — But it’s not really over. Not if we stand up against it every time the charge is made. Every time. Like what POTUS Trump is doing. But he can’t do it alone. I refuse to let ignorance and intolerance malign me and rob me of my God-given rights. I refused to be slandered by anyone.

  7. It’s all they have is a box full of BS phrases that they throw around hoping they stick. If they haven’t scripted out in advance and tested it for effect, this dribble is all they can respond with.

  8. Let me say this again, there’s nothing wrong in being a racists. You cannot possibly like everyone. Ask the _____________ where they’re from and what they’re doing here. If they cannot understand you, tell them to leave, we have no use for you here. The illegals coming here have nothing to offer. They cannot read or write, they have no education. It doesn’t take much to learn how to make a bed, pick lettuce, pluck a chicken, or mow a lawn. Many of them do it because it’s better than what they came from. Others just want to rape, murder, or be a part of a gang. Look how far we have fallen. Didn’t Rome fall due to the welfare state? It’s coming.

  9. When they call you a racist call them a ‘moronic America hating race baiter’!

  10. We have seen the whites of the enemy’s eyes it is now time to return fire!


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