How is this tolerated? Couple scream at and harass ICE agents

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  1. Real brave – at least as long as the LEO’s were trying to ignore them. Was that really ICE? How can you tell for sure?

    And how is GTFO my neighborhood any different than go back where you came from?

  2. “You’re f***ing harassing people, white motherf***ers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Really? What do you call driving on top of their cars, screaming like dementors and making racist, violent threats?

    These morons are so vile and willfully ignorant that I won’t be sorry one iota when they are arrested and locked up for making threats against government officials.

  3. Arrest their stupid, racist asses for interfering with a law enforcement investigation among other things like threatening government officials, etc. They could add “distracted driving” and reckless driving among other charges as well. These buffoons deserve to be put into the meat grinder that is our so-called “justice system” these days.

  4. “Get the fuck out of my neighborhood, you white motherfuckers”. Uh……no, YOU get the fuck out of My country you illegal alien motherfuckers. Hmmm…illegal alien isn’t a race whereas white is, so, tell me, who is the racist.

  5. What was done about this? Did these heathens get away with this?

    I don’t know how those officers kept their cool but they should have radioed local cops to jerk them scum out of their car and drag them into custody and hope they tried to resist.

  6. “All these people are Caucasian” “Get out of my effing neighborhood, you white m-fers”
    Who’re the racists?

    There’s ammo for that.

  7. I guess it is a good thing that I never entered law enforcement…… I would have been applying some hickory shampoos and oopsy, that phone got stepped on.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. What continually mystifies me, people do this and then proudly show the world what stupid, racist, bigoted bunch of lunatics they are.
    All in the name of a SJW thought process that defies any empirical or logical reason for being there.

  9. Depending on why they were there, I believe that would qualify as both interfering with law enforcement and obstruction of justice.

    Not that anything will be done about it since they’re Leftists.

    But if something similar was done by someone on the right for whatever reason they might have ……..

  10. I’m assuming the LibTard couple is Caucasian but the broads voice “sounds” High-spanic and the guy sounds like he’s a nagger.

    I stopped counting the f-bombs when I got to 50

  11. How is this allowed, you ask?

    Because people scrutinize law enforcement beyond what is practical and reasonable. Even some great folks here at IOTW.

    The subjects should have been arrested for disorderly conduct. But ICE would have to call in local PD to deal with it. And they would have been tentative to do anything because of the political third rail.

    It’s sad to me that the days of law AND order seem to be behind us thanks to Monday morning quarterbacking.

  12. Note To Idiots: if we Build The Wall, require all employers use eVERIFY© and enforce our laws, La Migra wouldn’t have to come into your f**kin’ neighborhood!


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