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Go to Area 52 For Lunch

Today I’m at Area 52 Diner in Owosso, Michigan, attempting their undefeated Forbidden Burger Challenge! Challengers have just 30 minutes to finish a 20 layer burger composed of burger, bacon, and cheese. There’s also a 1lb side of fries and a large shake! Winners get the meal for free, a shirt, and go on the wall of fame. If you are unsuccessful, you pay $40 and take home leftovers. Do you think I had what it takes to be the first to beat this challenge? Or will I be abducted by aliens? Check out the video to find out! Area 52 Diner 437 W Stewart St Owosso, MI 48867 — Nathan Klein

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  1. For a good, edible burger in Michigan go to Port Hope Hotel. It’s a big burger that a lot of people won’t finish but it’s not stupid like the one shown here.

  2. The Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo, TX has offered a 72 oz. steak dinner with all the fixin’s for free if you can finish it. They’ve been dong that since 1960.

  3. No way, no hell, no how.
    It would take me a week to finish that, eating it for b’fast, lunch AND dinner.

  4. Back in the 60’s, Owasso was a popular destination when we took our weekend dinner flight courtesy of my mother’s employer and his wife. There was a good restaurant right at the little local airport there.
    That man would let me help in his machine shop doing small jobs and taught me the value of working to make money.

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