Goat rams through sliding glass door, naps inside bathroom

CLEVELAND (AP) — An Ohio homeowner never envisioned becoming semi-famous because of a goat butting its way into her home and taking a nap in her bathroom.

“This is the most random story in the world,” Jennifer Keathley said Tuesday, breaking out into laughter.

The break-in happened Friday when an escaped male goat from a farm several miles away repeatedly butted against a sliding glass door, breaking into the Keathley family home in Ashland County’s Sullivan Township. read more

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  1. When ya gotta go, you gotta go, Big Boy GOAT!

    In related news a symbol of Satan broke into your country and pissed all over your constitution….another meme is born….

  2. “The Keathley’s learned their home insurance policy covers damage from bears and deer but not goats.”

    The insurance companies sure got their monies worth with these actuaries.

  3. After eating 3 bars of soap, 2 tubes of toothpaste,
    a Lufa and 5 pounds of salty tasting, dirty laundry
    it was nappy-nap time.

  4. Billy Whiskers The Autobiography of a Goat
    (Published 1902)
    My aunt used to read it to me as a toddler…

    Yeah I’m old…

  5. I had a large Irish setter one time who could open sliding glass doors with her nose. She disappeared for awhile when we were out walking, but then rejoined me. A few blocks later she threw up about a half gallon of what looked like tuna casserole. Apparently she let herself into someone’s kitchen and ate the families dinner.

    Another time, I was approaching my house, it was pretty dark out. I saw what I thought was our black/ white cat and reached down to pet it. Just before petting it, I saw that it was a skunk – giving me a dirty look.

    Had a different Irish setter that would attack skunks on sight. Skunks are used to being left alone, the dog would attack so decisively that he actually didn’t get sprayed (much). I saw him do it one time, from a distance – he just ran up and then the skunk was flying through the air. He hardly stunk at all afterwards.


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