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Good Question

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  1. In a legitimate system the immigrants are good people, are screened and follow the laws and regulations. They are leaving their homes to come hear to become productive Americans. Like my ancestors.
    In this shit-show we are currently living in the INVADERS are lawless leaches who are going to help accelerate the planned destruction of Western society.

  2. They strengthen their own country by leaving it. Then they send all the handouts they get here back to the country they left.

  3. Meanwhile the White House has taken control of baby formula production. ‘Emergency powers’. Which means, of course, lower production and going to favored people. They really do want to destroy everything.

  4. Because they water down the white gene pool eventually. Honest to God there was some 16th century retarded European that moved to Japan, married a Jap wife and came up with the theory of the white race needs to be bred with mongrels in order to survive. Its a great story and the foundation for all this interracial shit. I use to have this shit bookmarked but that computer killed itself. I hope someone smarter than me remembers this guy. Bottom line, U.S. presidents believed his shit.

  5. LEGAL immigrants strengthen our country … illegal aliens, criminal, unvetted, diseased, totally unskilled & unneeded (we have enough of those already, thank you very much) are an immense, crushing burden on an already crumbling society

    btw, when will everyone get it through their thick skulls (particularly the idiots on Faux News) that they are not ‘MIGRANTS’ … … they’re PERMANENTS!!! … a permanent drain on our resources

  6. I can’t really fault them for wanting a better life. Many have gambled everything to get here. Payment is due in all forms. However they can be exploited, drug mule, prostitution, threats of taking their children if they don’t comply. Maybe the coyote get mad and just kills them in the desert.
    All because their leaders have bled them dry. Imagine making $5-10 a month and have to pay $7 for a chicken.
    Even knowing the risk, they come anyway.
    Most want to work, but they will get stuck with a mega-corporation. They don’t have a name, they have a card. If they show up for work, money will go on the card, and nothing near what they like to call “Minimum Wage”. They have nobody to complain to, misbehave and the company just drops them. There is another million standing in line. The more they over load the bottom tier, the less they have to pay them.
    Of course they get free heath care, they don’t exist, company won’t claim them and certainly won’t pay.
    Somebody’s making money, or it wouldn’t be happening.

  7. If they aren’t willing to make the sacrifices to create a better life in their own countries, I don’t want them here. Virtually all of them want to enjoy the fruits paid for by the labor and sacrifice made by others without having to do a damn thing themselves. Visit any WWII US cemetery overseas and you’ll understand. It’s like giving money to homeless people on the street. You are destroying their incentive to do for themselves. If you offer them work, they look at you like you are crazy. My wife came here from another country and swore to take up arms in defense of the USA if called upon as condition of earning her citizenship. A lot of people don’t realize that. She is now a better citizen than at least half of the people in this country.

  8. Immigration strengthens as does diversity.
    It DOESN’T!
    It’s bullshit to mesmerize the imbeciles and force them to pay for their own destruction. We’ve already achieved Babel-stage mis-communication (Kamala Harris, for example) with Lowes writing rat-people shit all over their stores. Can’t even find a shithouse without foreign writing.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. The countries that they come from have no government as we. Who seek to build it’s base by giving nice things that are free. Their countries are now better having not to feed their poor. Our country is now stronger having voters all the more.


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