Goodbye, America – The Left’s Contempt For the United States is Our Greatest Danger

Pride has been supplanted by shame.

Accomplishments are not only downplayed, they are characterized as exploitation of (insert your minority here.)

Downplay triumphs + exaggerate faults = Leftist playbook.

Demean. Degrade. Divide.

If you’re able to demoralize the people, you can effectively erase their history. Initialize the memory bank and you have a shell to install whatever operating system you desire.

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  1. This is exactly what they are doing, they basically hate America and its history. They adamantly are under the belief that they have a better plan and want to just start over. BS they do.

  2. This is why we need that uplifting soul Marianne Williamson to be president, to fix all this.
    Just kidding of course. But at least she is a positive person, certainly none of the others are.

  3. The media is spreading it.

    Lincoln closed down obstinate media companies and put their executives in prison. And he told the Supreme court to pound sand when they objected.

    Lincoln is a hero, right?

    So Trump will never get a second of peace until he does the same thing.

  4. Ah! They do take pride in something. They even have special pride celebrations devoted to their perversions.

    This link goes to the Communist goals as set out in 1963. Most of the. Early goals involved getting rid of prayer and freedom of religion.

    Number 26 (making homosexuality and perversion the new normal) would have been hard to believe almost 60 years ago.

    Now, look at 29, 30, 31, etc. sound familiar.

    Communist goals.

  5. Trump is America’s last hope, but what happens after he leaves office?

    The only hope for stopping Progressives is The Great Meteor. Because you know damn well the eunuchs and traitors in government will destroy what’s left of the United States as founded.

  6. I can’t even relate to this thinking and find it difficult to believe that so many americans buy into this.

    The only other time in our history this country was so divided was the period just before and during the civil war. Even then the arguments on both sides were understandable.
    If someone were to predict things would be like this twenty years ago I would have thought they were unhinged.
    We’re living in strange and dangerous times.

  7. The left wets its pants over slavery, continually, ad nauseum. I doubt there is much wealth left over from the practice of slavery. The old slaveowners mansions are decaying, and the livestock, including slaves, is long dead.

    The mansions, what is left of them, are historical sites, visited by mostly tourists. A few families may trace some of their wealth to slavery, but most of it has probably vanished. This is what I think and I may be wrong. If someone out there has better information, I’d be glad to hear it. I don’t have the time to examine old records and trace the history of where the money went.

  8. @gin blossom

    Even 2-3 years ago I said that we were nowhere near a rebellion or a civil war. Now I believe it is a distinct possibility. That is, a rebellion by leftists. To be put down without mercy.


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