Gorgeous Girl Who Died of Heroin Overdose At the Center of the Holland Tunnel Gun Seizure Case

3 people were allegedly heading to NYC to rescue a girl from a heroin den on the 4 month anniversary of the death of one of their daughters.



A gun range owner whose daughter recently died of a heroin overdose was one of the three people arrested outside a New York City tunnel after police found a huge cache of weapons in their vehicle.

John Cramsey, 50, who runs Higher Ground Tactical in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, was with Dean Smith, 52, and 29-year-old Kimberly Arendt when they were pulled over outside the Holland Tunnel.

They were initially stopped for a cracked windshield, but officers then found multiple loaded guns, rifles, knives, ballistic vests and a camouflage helmet.

When questioned, they described themselves as self-styled vigilantes, according to reports, and were on their way to a Brooklyn hotel where they wanted to ‘extract’ a teenager.

They were detained on the four-month anniversary of the day Cramsey’s daughter, Alexandria ‘Lexii’ Cramsey, died of a heroin overdose.

Just before he was arrested, Cramsey wrote on Facebook: ‘I’m currently 11 miles outside of Brooklyn New York and going to a hotel to extract a 16 year old girl who went up there to Party with a few friends.

‘One of those friends she went up there with will not be returning.


But that’s not the full story-

Authorities believe the suspects were in possession of the firearms as part of criminal activity, likely heroin related.

Drugs were in the vehicle along with the guns, according to one law enforcement official.

One of the suspects allegedly told officers they were on their way to Queens.

A source initially told CBS New York they were going to shoot a rival dealer.

The suspects reportedly said they wanted to save a friend who is on heroin and being held against her will.


A “rival” heroin dealer??

I highly doubt we’re dealing with heroes here.

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15 Comments on Gorgeous Girl Who Died of Heroin Overdose At the Center of the Holland Tunnel Gun Seizure Case

  1. “John Cramsey, 50, who runs Higher Ground Tactical”

    And he gets busted because he had weapons in view when pulled over. I bet he had a booming business. That guys about as tactical as my dog. PWT.

  2. Rule #1: If you’re going to sneak into NYC with a cache of weapons, make sure you don’t drive a tricked out Tonka truck which just screams “look at me”.

  3. “Driver only carries $20 worth of ammunition” was obviously missing in the collection of gun geegaws.

  4. On the other hand, the NYPD is hardly above planting evidence and having their pet ‘news’ media spread whatever line of bullshit they want about the defendants.

    I’m not saying they aren’t involved in the drug trade – I have no idea – I’m saying I would take the word of an unrepentant elderly conman with Alzheimers over that of the NYPD.

  5. they look like they were out to do business. Whatever that business was. Who you gonna believe? Cops? journahlists, these guys?

    not a real covert operation ifn ya axe me.

  6. Huge collection of arms? Looks like a normal family day at the range. As for the tricked-out truck: “conspicuous cars are always inconspicuous” – Maxwell Smart.

  7. Dudes look like Gung-Ho Wanna B’s…
    Real extraction mercs don’t drive
    redneck jack-em-up trucks with frickin DAY-GLO paint.

  8. It really is a shame a beautiful young lady like that gets wrapped up in that shit. You wonder how that happens.

  9. Goofy looking truck. I’d like to hear more about the drugs they found with the weapons. No, not really. But I would if I had to decide if these hillbillies are guilty or not. They sure looked like they had a taste of something in that one picture. Illegal smile?

  10. They were not drug dealers!! I know them! Jesus Christ! A girl DIED… They didn’t report it until THIS STORY BROKE! What the fuck is wrong with you!?

  11. This is an odd story and I’d bet it gets stranger as more comes out. While I wouldn’t call it a “huge” weapons cache (at least if compared to some of the more urban groups of NYC) it was still pretty big with a shotgun, semi-auto rifle (at least it looks that way), 4 handguns, 6 mags for the rifle, an oversize mag for one of the handguns and a number of knives and stabbing weapons. Assuming enough bullets that quite a bit of kit, more then enough for a disaster. My condolences to the father on his loss but that grief is not enough to enter into this sort of misadventure. And what’s with the smiley faced girl in the back?

  12. That cache might be just enough for their first encounter with the dealers.
    What drugs did they have, Plavix and Crestor?

  13. It started over ten years ago when cheap, high quality heroin from South America entered the country. Now there is an absolute scourge of heroin afflicting the white middle class. Authorities are scrambling to address it now that white kids are dying.

    Then these bozos get involved. They are not the story.

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