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Government Shorting Rations To Guard On D.C. Duty

A food contract between a supplier and the National Guard did not provide enough meals, forcing units still deployed to Washington, D.C., to buy local, has learned.

Because of the mix-up and shortage of meals, the Guard resorted to buying “a large quantity of various food choices off of the local economy,” according to Army Maj. Aaron Thacker, a Guard Bureau spokesman. More

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  1. …no tents, no ammo, no food, no latrine…so how DO you guys feel about being sent to DC for boogeyman scarecrow duties to “guard” people not in danger who clearly don’t give a shit about your basic needs?

  2. Indefinate duty because of fear a right wing mob, if there is such a thing, might attack to overthrow the Usurper.

  3. What the Dems should have done is built a fake city with fake Guardsmen, ala the Fake Rock Ridge in Blazing Saddles.

  4. “… what happens when you f…k with the people who protect you.”

    Nothing. You beat your dog and he still guards the house.
    No doubt the officers are lying their asses off, blaming Trump or some Trump “holdovers.”

    “A man will crawl through the mud on his belly across Europe for a piece of colored ribbon.”

    Can our Guardsmen do any less?

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. My church had a men’s retreat at a Lutheran summer camp on CDA lake back in the 70’s and they fed us kids rations. Needless to say we were not happy campers and never held a men’s retreat there ever again.

  6. What do “the powers” fear may happen? What are they planning that makes them fear a violent backlash focused on DC?

    This statement is intended for entertainment purposes only. No other uses are intended or implied.

  7. As well as I can see, the guardsman are only doing two things, eating and shitting. Yet their leadership can’t even plan that correctly.

  8. Meanwhile, those that they “guard” are dining on caviar, filet mignon, the finest wines, and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream from pelousy’s freezer.

  9. That food contractor probably kicked back money into the Dem party and had no money left to buy food for the troops.

  10. All these failures (beds, bathrooms, showers, meals, snivel items) are a reflection of the lack of the contractor support supplied when troops are deployed overseas.

    Our congress critters, with their willing accomplices at the Pentagon, have stripped the ability of our troops to deploy and be self sufficient. Simply because those contractors own congress critters.

    Military organic supply and construction assets that used to be part of the TO&E (Table of Organization and Equipment) are now supplied by civilian contractors.

    That is one motherfukin’ deep and wide cash stream, believe it.

  11. Go to the fuckin most expensive restaurant and eat everything. Look em straight in the eye and say,”Nancy sent us. Charge it to her.”

    Fkn Joke Eh!

  12. This is the way the rank and file will be treated under this regime of inconsiderate assholes. They should be very pissed at their leadership who offered no resistance to the way the military votes were stolen.

  13. Do people in the military know realize that murderers of thousands of Americans are getting the vaccine ahead of veterans in VA institutions Do they care?

    Do they know that their CinC did more to help the Russians in a five minute phone call than the past two presidents did in the last ten years. Do they know that they themseves, along with their families, are considered enemies of the State?

    My first impression is that the powers that be are being suicidally stupid. But maybe they know something about the Zoomer and late millenial gen that we dont

  14. Another real morale booster for the troops I’m sure, especially after the other stunts these DC shitbirds have pulled. The governors should send them home and let the useless eaters defend themselves from a bunch of unarmed protestors.

  15. When the pigeons start disappearing, and the smell of roast poultry begins wafting through the swamp, you’ll know what happened! 😳

  16. It’s almost as if they’re trying to goad these guys to rebel – so they can start screaming about a military coup, and start killing or imprisoning Christian devils in the military.


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