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Grade A Energy

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The “Grading the Grid” study by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a pro-free market nonprofit, and Northwood University rates natural gas, coal, petroleum, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, solar and geothermal generation sources on their reliability, environmental and human impact, cost, innovation and market feasibility.

Natural gas got an “A” grade, followed by nuclear, which got a “B+”. Wind and solar energy came in last, each receiving “F” grades, according to the study. More

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  1. I’ve been an HVAC tech since 1989ish.


    In Order For Staying warm & cost of repair:

    1st Natural Gas – cheapest
    2nd Propane – units can be converted to Natty when available cheaply
    3rd Oil – HOT Dense heat – RELIABLE but EXPEN$IVE $$$ – in a clutch you ban add some diesel if the shit has hit the fan & the Zombies are out
    4th- WOOD – if you have a ton of free trees on your land & you can do the work.
    5th – ELECTRIC HEAT PUMPS – BREAKDOWNS! If you want to see the HVAC guy once or twice & year because you are lonely and you wish to buy me another bottle of $cotch. And remember, they almost always have Electric Elements for below 32 def F operation & Defrost re-heat.

    Basic Electric – They work, very reliable, simple to fix but they use the most the most expensive utility. They are also almost 100% efficient since they have NO CHIMNEY. Efficiency has nothing to do total cost of operating.

    In some cases you might be better off with Basic Electric than a Heat Pump . That is a personal choice dependent on Hydro rates etc.

    Cheers, with a coffee.

  2. I have solar panels and they are disappointing. Sun too low in winter and summer heat lowers efficiency which is a low 23% to begin with. Shade from trees and snow is another problem. Study your situation thoroughly before investing.

  3. Heat pumps work wonderfully in SE Texas. I have a four-bedroom house and it’s all electric. My electric bill for March was $114. The highest electric bill I’ve ever had was last summer during the record-setting heat wave. It was $203. Long live the heat pump. By the way, the electricity I use is generated with natural gas.

  4. KCIR, you forgot anthracite. Before that cocksucker o’bola started screwing up the world coal was cheap. It’s easy to use (once you know how) and antique burners can also use wood.

    and FJB

  5. The most efficient heat source for us in our county is wood. The reason being all the surrounding counties severely limit the days you can burn a wood stove. That resulted in dirt cheap wood. Our county has a lot of back woods home that only have a wood stove so I don’t see this county bowing down to the environmental wackos.

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