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Greenpeace Says Recycling Plastic Just Makes Things Worse

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Greenpeace is spotlighting what it calls toxic chemicals in recycled plastics. The group is also calling for global plastics agreement negotiators to focus on reduction.

The environmental organization’s “Forever Toxic” report, released today, brings together peer-reviewed studies from around the world to make claims about how chemicals in plastics, especially recycled plastics, affect human health and the environment.  

The release comes roughly seven months after a separate Greenpeace report that alleged no plastics in the U.S. meet the definition of “recyclable.” That study garnered extensive mainstream media attention, though its methodology was criticized by Plastics Recycling Update. 

A Greenpeace press release said the studies referenced in the toxicity report all point to the same conclusion: recycling increases the toxicity of plastics and that the upcoming global plastics agreement negotiations in Paris should focus on capping and phasing down plastic production, as well as regulating chemical additives. 

“Plastics contain more than 13,000 chemicals, with more than 3,200 of them known to be hazardous to human health,” the study noted. “Moreover, many of the other chemicals in plastics have never been assessed and may also be toxic.”

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) issued a response to the study, noting the benefits plastics bring to society.

“If Greenpeace had its way, modern life would be dramatically different,” Joshua Baca, vice president of plastics at the American Chemistry Council, stated. “People across the world, particularly in developing countries, would have less access to clean drinking water, safe food supplies, sanitary medical and personal care products, and renewable energy.”


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  1. Greenpiece feels left out. Maybe they should transition to trees or something…

    BTW – many chemicals created by the human body are harmful to the human body – formaldehyde, for example.

  2. Next up; ecoterrorism against plastic manufacturers followed by a total Federal bureaucratic ban on plastic manufacturing, forcing it all to China so Pedo can get his 10%.

  3. The press has covered it all. Which death do you choose? Death by plandemic or death by plastic? Maybe euthanasia? Globull warming? Globull cooling? Climate change? MRNA vax?
    Flouride? GMOs? Tail pipe emission?
    More than likely it will be at the hands of your own government under some “emergency.”

  4. What about chemical gloves made from plastic that keeps hazardous chemicals off the skin.

    Reverse osmosis water filters made with plastic creates good clean drinking water without many harmful chemicals.

    Just about every damn thing in the medical industry is made with plastics and apparently they are in the business of saving lives.

    Air filters are made with plastics.

    So many things plastics improve life.

    But I get it. There’s a lot of plastic that is around your food, I don’t necessarily agree with that.

    Today I went to clean our a sliding door to the porch. I habitually added some pine-sol to the plastic bucket with water. While filing it up I was like, do I really need the pine-sol? So I dumped it out and cleaned with nothing but water, it worked fine.

    Yea, there are too many chemicals, but I say leave it to the consumer to decide. Just like they decide to not buy all the gay shit during faggot month.

  5. Coincidentally, I just this week canceled my recycling with Waste Management, because our creeping socialist city government had tacked on a bunch of recycling fees to WM and other trash haulers, which were passed on to us. My bill went up 45% as a result.

    WM was happy to cancel my recycling pickup. In fact, they suggested it, and my new bill for trash only is lower that my old bill was before the fees. Now, I only have one bin the haul to the curb, and it contains both trash and recyclables. No a problem, since I don’t generate much trash anyway.

    And I have heard that WM dumps it all in the same landfill anyway, so why bother paying extra to separate?

    If the city keeps trying to gouge even more, I am going to cancel my trash pickup completely, and drop off my trash in plastic grocery bags at various public trash cans when I am out and about. So tired of yhis garbage kabuki theater.

  6. Where do these imbeciles think the chemicals to make plastics come from?
    The Earth is a closed environment. Outside of the stray meteorite and some excited Hydrogen and Helium atoms, nothing enters and nothing leaves.
    Chemists can reduce plastics to Hydrogen and Carbon, if they so choose (at what cost I couldn’t guess).

    From every Eco-Terrorist: All Bullshit, All the Time.

    Instead of crying and whining and trying to destroy civilization, why don’t these assholes put their money into something useful, or, at least, get an education in something other than bitching?

    “Activist” is synonymous with “Worthless, Unemployable, Whining Sack of Shit.”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. People who live their lives on concrete. Surrounded by all the crapola man has come up with, using all of it just like everyone else and demanding it be banned, essentially.

    Truly a gaggle of un self aware food blisters. They took their plastic kayaks out in puget sound to protest oil tankers and oil in general. It was cold. You may be certain there was little natural fiber in their coats either.

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