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The Headless Woman

Two hoboes were sitting around a campfire musing about the women they had in their lives. After one hobo listened to his acquaintance ramble on about the best sex he ever had, the other hobo jumped in and said the best sex he ever had was, in fact, not far from where they were sitting.

“It was down by the railroad tracks” where he had his most memorable experience. He did everything with the woman. “You name it!” he boasted.

“We had sex in every position. We had sex in every imaginable way. You name it. We did it. Seriously, name it.”

Feeling defeated in the discussion, the friend finally asked, “Okay, how about head?”

The other hobo replied, “She didn’t have one.”


That brings us to this—

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  1. Nicely done with the black material in between the hoses to cover her head.

  2. Less fake and less gay than most everything today.

  3. So it really is done with mirrors.

  4. Nowadays, he would have found her head and satisfied himself with it as well.

    Unless he was an illegal, in which case he would simply rape whatever citizen appealed to him.

    Or a Democrat, who likes to rape children to death or murder them in the womb and may contine to defile their corpses, but given their satanic nature they prefer to start with the screams.

  5. @Brad – Bob Hope knew!

    Some guy had a rooster in 1940s or so, he chopped its head off and it was still walking around days later so he took it on tour. Poured nutrients into the stomach. It was ambulatory for months. I think its ultimate death was a fluke, rather than just dying from the obvious injury.

  6. I’m pretty doubtful that regarless of your necrophilic tendencies that it would even be POSSIBLE to abuse a corpse after an incident with a railroad train.

    I saw a guy who got sectioned by a freight train once, and a pretty good sized one, too. It wasn’t my rabbit as it was in the next city over, but I was part-timing at the Auto Center next to the railway cutting where the call came in (I carried my pager and eavesdropped on the County frequency most of the time) and knew some of those guys (not uncommon in that time and place for guys to run multiple deparments) so, not having railway tracks in MY district I took an interest in theirs.

    Seems this fellow did this on purpose from what they could tell, having pulled in there next to the cutting at some point during the night, left a note in the car, and was careful to lay down on the tracks around a bend so even if the train saw him it wasn’t really going to be able to do anything about it. I suspect chemicals, alcohol, or both were also involved since it would take a rare sort of aplomb to simply lay before an earth-shaking, clanking, roaring juggernaut of steel as the vibrations in the rails serving as your bed increase, but guy was pretty dead so it was hard to ask him and I never did see the tox screens.

    And one thing about that cutting was that the trains were just coming out of the yard there usually, so they assembled some pretty big ones before heading them North and this one was no exception. It did in fact decaptiate him, perhaps because of the way he arranged himself on the tracks at first, but it also rolled him around and cut him at a variety of angles at depths varying from relatively light cuts to avulsions to chunks, with limbs severed and severed again, bones broken and pulverized, and the contents of the torso strewn for some distance as well, probably because he rolled around and got hung up on various things under the train before being ground to hamburger by it, with the only truly recognizable bits being the ones that were severed somewhat cleanly (like the head) and fell to the side; but even that was rather crushed and misshapen, probably by contact with ties or rocks as it was squirted out from under or because of making contact with the wheels and/or undercarriage.

    Glad I didn’t have to clean it up, is what I’m saying.

    …So it seems to me based on this admittedly small sample size that it would be rather unlikely for something that could be, or that someone would even want to, be sexually abused by a random hobo, regarless of how unscrupulous and/or horny he may be. But there are more things on heaven and earth than are dreamt of in my philosiphy, of course, so anything is possible, even the preservation of a corpse part to a degree that a mentally ill person could still find pleasure with it.

    Kind of what Democrats do with America every day, but with the added fact they threw her under the train to begin with…

  7. I like how the guy says a bunch of sicency stuff and wears a lab coat so folks believe him more (like they did “Dr.” Fauci), and the practial effects are off the chain, but the fundamental question about living without a head is certainly not in doubt because there’s been no shortage of people to suffer devistating brain injuries that can be kept alive for a very long time absent an overwhelming infection or nutrition/aeration being withheld with no funtioning brain or stem whatsoever, so it’s really not a stretch to say it would be possible to ligate the vessels that would normally serve the head and keep the rest alive indefinitely, although there would be very little point in doing so other than until organ harvesting can be arranged.

    Sorry, this kind of question becomes less amusing when you’ve been around family members making decisions as to when to “pull the plug”, which my wife actually had to deal with TWICE.

    Guess I’m not in the spirit of the inquiry. It was probably more of an amusement back in the days before Islamic beheadings became an American problem as well…

  8. She was lucky that there was a “famous medical doctor scientist” on the train.

  9. There was an episode of Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone where a woman changed her head for the head in a fortune teller machine. Freaked me out.

  10. Robert Crumb “did” that back in 1991ish. Scroll about halfway down to, “Mr. Natural & Flakey Foont in, ‘A BITCHIN’ BOD’!’ … AND FEATURING (SORT OF) “DEVIL GIRL”.”

  11. Hahahahahahahahaha! Great joke!

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