Target market value drops $9 billion in a week amid boycott over pride offerings – IOTW Report

Target market value drops $9 billion in a week amid boycott over pride offerings

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Retail giant Target has lost billions in market value amid public outcry over its offering of LGBTQ-themed clothing for children.

Company market cap amounted to $74.3 billion as of last Wednesday, according to the New York Post. But by the end of trading on Thursday, that figure stood at 64.96 billion, meaning Target lost more than $9 billion in value in slightly over a week.

The company attracted bad press last week over its offering of such items, which including children’s clothing, books, and dog toys. Among the most controversial were “tuck-friendly” swimsuits intended for transgender adults.

Target reportedly held an “emergency” meeting this week that resulted in an order to relocate pride displays in stores and to downsize them, according to one company insider. The brand subsequently removed certain LGBTQ products from a UK-based designer who also sells Satanic merchandise.  read more

17 Comments on Target market value drops $9 billion in a week amid boycott over pride offerings

  1. I can’t help but think all this a prevarication to cover for major laundering/pilferage.

  2. My 91 yo Mom is going to her local Target today see this Pridewear for herself. She’s of course disgusted by all of this trans stuff but feels she needs to see it in person and not just on the news. I guess, trying to make sense of the insanity.

    Her store is in a predominantly black neighborhood. It’ll be interesting if it’s been moved out of sight or not.

    After this, no more Target she said.

  3. Why are billion dollar companies willing to risk losing it all by pandering to less than 1 percent of the population?

  4. When we lived in Oregon the first stop when driving into the valley from the coast was TARGET. But that was only to use their restrooms. I don’t remember ever buying anything from TARGET in this millennium!

  5. Go WOKE get fucked! See what too much faggotry will get you!

  6. All they did was move the pervert racks from the front to the back of the store. Soulda gone bust when they banned the Salvation Army. People have short memories.

  7. They’re lucky all of their stores haven’t been burned to the ground.

  8. Too subtle? Notice that DEMON is buried in the middle of pride month. That came from Seton Motley of the Motley Fool syndicated column.

  9. The one percent is very loud and persistent. I would suggest companies pay more attention to the background noises.

  10. Board of Directors and Officers of Target are ripe to be sued onto the street by shareholders. This is gross malfeasance and it was deliberate

  11. Never been in a Target … hard to believe they’re worth $65 Billion!
    I was a plumber … I know there’s money in shit … but really?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Haven’t been in a Target for many years… ever since they started allowing men/perverts into opposite sex restrooms and dressing rooms.

  13. u & the dodgers can keep skng trans-it dk & swallowing, a**holes

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