Greta: The child marionette and darling of the left

The creepy child of the corn enviroMENTAList is a true puppet in every sense of the world.

Great PJW rant HERE

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  1. Leftists will endlessly mock people who find an image of the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich, but will trot out a 16 year old autistic girl as a modern day environmentalist messiah and demand she be taken seriously. Sorry – at least the grilled cheese sandwich is a tasty morsel, but I don’t base my politics or scientific views on the utterances of a teenager.

  2. THANK YOU! I have been wondering why she has been creeping me out. Now I know why! Children of the Corn. Yeesh

  3. Once Greta’s shelf life has expired she’ll be discarded like spoiled egg salad. Just like David ‘last week’s tuna salad that drifted to the back of the fridge’ Hogg.
    The Parkland douche. Used and Tossed aside and forgotten by his leftist champions

  4. BTW= Where is Hogg Boy ???
    He should marry Greta and together
    they can set off on a quest to save the planet…

  5. Greta The Prophet says, “I want you all to panic”.

    Fat chance. The only time I panic is if I forgot to hook up the trailer hitch for my Formula One racing boat to my V8 355 horsepower Chevy Suburban.

    Climate change Greta? Not so much.

  6. I heard somewhere she’s like the Joan of Arc of our time … as I remember Joan was added to the carbon in the atmosphere in the end by the very ones who supported her in the beginning. How frightening? Run Greta Run … just sayin’


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