Greta’s Chumps: Climate zeal decides an election in Norway

FrontPage: The main thing you need to know about the results of last week’s Norwegian elections is that the international media and political elites were absolutely thrilled – just like when Joe Biden won. “America is back!” they cheered in the world’s corridors of power last November. Similar sentiments greeted the news that Norway’s left-wing parties had secured a majority of parliamentary seats, ousting the conservatives.

In a time when China and Russia are saber-rattling, when the COVID lockdown has decimated economies, and when the dire process of Islamization continues in Europe, the top issue in the Norwegian election was – what else? – climate change. No surprise. The nation’s state-run media corporation – a reliable fount of leftist agitprop – has been pushing the existential-threat, time-is-running-out line for years. This time around, deluged with Greta Thunberg-style campaign rhetoric, a significant number of voters listened. Why? Partly because many Norwegians are highly susceptible to save-the-world pitches: this is, after all, the “peace nation,” which derives much of its sense of identity from brokering accords and being a founding member of the UN. But also partly because of the central role of nature in Norwegian culture. more

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how much clout that mentally challenged people have over society but then again it worked for Hitler too. So what does that say about the intelligence of the average person?

  2. When enough countries become woke and green and diverse enough World war three will begin with probably the Russians and Chinese leading the assaults. Whoever has enough balls and toxic masculinity will rule the world.

  3. No election is certifiable unless paper ballots are surrendered by legal citizens and every ballot is hand counted by three people from different parties.

  4. Brain freeze.
    Too friggin cold.
    Imbeciles electing imbeciles.
    Home of Vidkun Quisling, wasn’t it? He was elected, too.

    izlamo delenda est …

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