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Gridiron Tragedy – Girl, 16, collapses and dies after high school flag football game

NYP– A 16-year-old girl collapsed and died after suffering a medical emergency during a high school flag football game in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sophomore Ashari Hughes, 16, who played for Desert Oasis High School, collapsed around 7:30 p.m. Thursday after a home game against Valley High School, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. She was hospitalized and died later that night, the paper said.

The tragic episode unfolded just three days after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed after suffering cardiac arrest during a “Monday Night Football” match-up against the Cincinnati Bengals that was witnessed by millions. Hamlin is now “awake” and showing “remarkable improvement,” according to officials.

Despite heroic efforts, the 16-year-old Nevada student could not be saved.

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  1. A healthy young lady who wasn’t obese like many of her peers.
    It’s uncomfortable but we really need to know her vax status.

    Her death is more than likely on the school requirements and dr. death-Fauci…

  2. Let me start by apologizing for what I believe will be the length of this…
    (Don’t know where the numbers came from and don’t know how to validate them.)

    Ran across meme that went,
    “1970 – 2020 1312 athletes suffered from cardiac arrest and died.
    2021 – 2022 1598 athletes suffered from cardiac arrest and died
    It’s always ‘look at the numbers’ until the numbers no longer fit their narrative.”

    Also, note that you can lead a liberal to truth, but you can’t make them think.

    Seems there are many out there in direct contradiction to what I believe is going on. If I’m wrong at the best I’m just a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist and the worst a certifiable nut job who should institutionalized.
    If they’re wrong at best they’re destroying their immune systems and at worst at lest 1/3 to 1/2 of them will be dead within two years.

    Which belief has the most jeopardy?

    I’m perhaps insane or they’re dead!

    Even without presenting Reams of Data that they refuse to look at, the above is not sufficient argument to give them pause.

  3. Devastating. No matter the cause.

    The huge sinkhole growing in her loved ones shakes to your roots. It is shared by all of us who have such loss.

    Blessings of strength to the friends and family.

  4. Same people that demanded to know your jab status in 2021 to enter a bar, restaurant, work, travel etc demand medical privacy in these situations. I sure wouldn’t want to be jabbed seeing all this carnage and their defensive response.

  5. The only people I know that have been or are now suffering now from upper respiratory infections, are people who have been wearing their mask like they were told they should. And the only people I know diagnosed with COVID have been fully vaccinated!

    Why is that? And yes that’s a rhetorical question.

  6. Side note: getting the Covid-19 has men reporting of penis shrinkage. Newest report out now claims besides the penis shrinkage men are also having brain shrinkage after having MRI’s to confirmed it. Symptoms, the feeling of getting focked by everyone. ^^^^A genuis extraordinaire.

  7. @Doc I know several people who are multi jabbed who have been perpetually sick with a cold or flu for about a year now.

    One lady reached out recently on FB because her doc has not explanation for her constant sickness and the OTC meds ain’t working. She’s never tested positive for Covid though. She’s a school teacher and masks for work and any public interaction.

    I told her to up her Vitamin D. Just didn’t want to get into the rest of it.

  8. MMA Rising Star Victoria Lee Dead At 18:

    htt ps://

    Editor For LA Times Dies Unexpectedly at 33

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  9. “Aphelia Phifer-Hill posted to Facebook on Thursday night that she rushed onto the field to perform CPR on the girl, who was her daughter’s teammate.

    “Today was the first time ever, in my 26 years of nursing that I had to do CPR on a kid,” she wrote.”

    Exactly what I’ve been saying.

    I covered middle and HS sports events. Saw a few kids bump heads and get dizzy, but nothing
    too serious. Bruses and scrapes, strains and aches. I toted young people off indoor and outdoor soccer fields with sprains and strains, broke legs and fractured feet, even the odd sprung rib from being shoved into a rail. I had one young woman somehow bust her femur, the strongest bone in her body?, with a twisty fall.

    But for all that, other than infants, I only once before 2020 had to pump the chest on a young person, and THAT guy had an aortic aneurysm blowout.

    And now, here’s a young person with a heart attack. One of seemingly many. A WITNESSED arrest, skilled provider in moments, defib, intubation…didn’t matter. A 16 yo with no hx died anyway.

    This is not normal.

    I’ve had to try to get young adults back myself since 2020, where I had none before. Lost one with no hx but the jab.

    This is not normal.

    There is a big truth in here, though.

    ‘“Love your kids, you never know when death is coming,” the woman wrote.’

    You would not believe how true this is.

    Most dead people I saw had no reason to expect it.

    This young girl got up that morning, brushed her teeth, combed her hair, and put on her clothes, not knowing that the next time she got dressed, it would be done for her by a mortician.

    Her parents kissed her goodbye that morning, not knowing they’d be terminating her life support that night

    I would wager it never entered their minds that they’d have to go through her drawers to pick the outfit she’d be buried in.

    The line between life and death can be sharp and quick, and no one is guarenteed a time no matter how young.

    Love your kids today.

    Because they may be gone tomorrow.

  10. Anthony “Mini-Mengele” Fauxi strikes again.

    How long will this psychotic killer be allowed to live?

    How long will we allow Big Pharma to kill our children and grand-children?

    Oh … forever, I guess … if past is prelude …
    “Sing on, Brother
    Play on, Drummer”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Gridiron Tragedy – Girl, 16, collapses and dies after high school flag football game

    Add her name to the list of millions. Never forget purebloods, that those of us who chose not to participate in the genocide, will remain a pureblood. Told ya so!

  12. You tied your shoes this morning, you cannot know who will untie them tonight. TPTB are normalizing sudden deaths among otherwise healthy people at any age. Within twenty five years no one will credibly argue that it is abnormal for a sixteen year old to suddenly drop dead, anywhere, any time. It happens, sad but just the way it goes.


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