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Gubmint Targets Another Innocent American

IndependentSentinel: James O’Keefe is the latest target of an abusive, overly large government.

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James O’Keefe, the conservative filmmaker was detained at the airport after the USCBP (Customs and Border Patrol) questioned him about his federal government investigations.

O’Keefe mentioned ACORN when asked but the agent quickly went to the one he conducted involving the federal government at the borders.

O’Keefe said, “That was the one where I legally waded into the Rio Grande dressed like Osama bin Laden and embarrassed the federal government. DHS secretary was grilled under oath. Are you telling me this is retaliation for that?”

The agent responded,  “I’m telling you that each time you go through here you will need to give an extra hour because we will do this each time. You have a prior criminal record and broke the law crossing into the United States unlawfully.”

O’Keefe then said, “It wasn’t unlawful, I did nothing but wade back and forth. Millions of Mexicans cross and you don’t detain them for unlawful entry.”

After another brief exchange, O’Keefe was hauled off.  more


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  1. Obama reelected with massive voter fraud, Boehnerdict Arnold colluding with a corrupt regime, Justish John Roberts rubberstamping lawless Obamacare, Traitor Hillary still a viable candidate for President…

    The fix is IN, it will STAY FIXED, and you will LIKE IT, peons.

  2. We need some kind of back up plan for when these government thugs shut down the internet. A method of joining up in large masses to physically reinstate our governing powers as the People mentioned in the Constitution. We can either stop it or we can be marched to the gulags.

    And what they said about Gibson guitar, “That was over wood used for frets”, that was fingerboard or fretboard wood. “Frets” are usually made of brass, they are the raised note dividers on the neck.
    Nitpickity today.

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