Guess the Reader

The last reader was… Geoff C. The Saltine!

Our next reader is…


The hint is…  Again???

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  1. B_B ?


    That was a heck of a picture, Geoff. What brand of trikes kept their value better on the resale market?

  2. Loco the snake killing cracker.
    Dadof4, Tonka trucks were easier to “get” and trade at 3.
    Tuesday was right first Easter 1960.

  3. I think it’s Bad_Brad.

    The hint could mean “do it again”, someone we already guessed but at an older age, or another cracker.

    It’s too complicated for me today. I’m sticking with Bad_Brad.

  4. OOooooo, my fox ran away! I’m using my roommate’s PC because mine is in the shop. Should get it back on Monday. I don’t remember the email to my Gravitar, so just imagine my little fox friend!

  5. Well, I completely suck at this, but I have to say I am really, REALLY enjoying the pictures of my fellow IOTWers. 😀

    My, my , my.

    Oh, and yeah, reboot 😉


    Your’re right! I totally missed it; til I read you!

    But as I have always said – I’m breathin he’s not!

    Living to tell tales is the most important; he clearly will tell us some tall tales!

  7. definitely holding a snake … segmentations
    looks like a late ’70’s/80’s hairstyle …
    “again” … someone who was posted before?


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