Guess What I’m Thinking

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1 TennDon (Wood Ducks) female in foreground; male behind. Taken at Radnor Lake State Park, Nashville, TN
2 Mickey Moussaoui (breakfast with mom) “Mmoooomm! This good stuff is MINE!”
3 mcfartus “Here is my good side, take the picture now!”
4 Marilyn (The Orange Boys) Here is, from left to right, Rex, Rebel, and Rhett (The Molly Maguires) and Tyler. I love orange boys. “What do they think I have??”
5 forcibly deranged (Kilo) “Yes, you may respectfully approach – and kiss my paw like they do in the movies.”
6 forcibly deranged (Logan) “Frankly, your answer was quite disappointing and not up to the standards I had expected of you!”.
7 Little Sis (Whiskers) “What do you mean, I can’t go out and catch that birdie?!”
8 Truckbuddy (Sammy Hagar) “I can’t drive 55!”

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12 Comments on Guess What I’m Thinking

  1. Not a cat person but wow… they’re all so cute! Love the herd of orange boys!! Great way to start the week! 👍🏼

  2. 1. So you want to shoot me and have me for dinner?

    2. Come on ma, leave some for me…

    3. Oh crap, it’s going to be “Fetch the stick, fetch the stick, AGAIN…”

    4. Please leave the room, as you really don’t want to see what we’re going to do to this couch.

    5. NO! Take the damn dog to the vet if you have to go there, I ain’t going.

    6. Well he started it and I’m pretty sure his face will heal in a couple of weeks.

    7. How uncouth! Imagine living out there without my carpeting and catnip.

    8. Yeah, yeah, I know, license and registration, but I only had two…

    Best I can do with a late start and only one cup of coffee…


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