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Guess who got the NY Times’ endorsement?

john kasich funny face

Ooh lookitchoo!
You GO, Boy!

This isn’t an endorsement. This is categorically a chronicle of reasons not to vote for John Kasich.

And yet, Kasich, rather than hanging his head in mortified horror, is excitedly quivering like a spastic colon over the not-so-coveted New York Times endorsement.  – Story @ Patriot Retort

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  1. If you ever see a clip of him at the debates, mute it and sing “Kung Fu Fighting” to yourself.

    (and imagine him not being president)

  2. Not that proof was needed, but the NY Times is a solid, unwavering tabloid supporting progressives/socialists and marxists.

    Their record is intact, kasich fits their criteria to a “T”.

  3. I hate to say it, but I never heard of the guy. Had to Google him to find out who he was. Guess I’m more of a dinosaur than I imagined I was.

  4. Yeah, been there, done that. How easily we are fooled by f*cking liars.

  5. Oh yeah. Time to start measuring for those drapes in the Oval Office, John. What could possibly stand in your way?

    NYT blows. They constantly beg for me to subscribe. If this were the old days, where they were sending response envelopes in the mail, ‘no postage necessary’, I’d be mailing them back empty, or better yet with my own editorial content to deplete their dwindling resources.

  6. Did y’all know that he was “the son of a mailman”? Like anyone fucking cares

  7. Kasich isn’t such a bad guy. A little too simple for me, but worlds better than the gay muslim half-breed we got now!!

  8. Loco,

    we should thank the NYT for doing what they do best every four years….Telling us who we should NOT vote for in the primaries.

    thank you NYT!!!

  9. The New York Times is one of the best newspapers in the nation for lining bird cages. As a news source, not so much.

  10. The way his lips purse out when he talks, he looks queer to me too.

  11. Meanwhile, over at “Newsbusters” there’s an article about the MSM “touting” Trump based on raw coverage time statistics.

    If Trump does carry the day it will be a major victory against both the overtly globalist MSM and covertly globalists “New Media”.

  12. Despite the endorsement from fish wrapper press, he got a lot done.
    I don’t think he’s Presidential material, but he’s a good Governor.
    At least he doesn’t whistle his ‘S’s at the end of his words like that asshole in the White House.

  13. Whoever the NYTs is FOR, that’s my cue to be AGAINST.
    Thanks for the directions.

  14. Thanks, Illustr8r. I was trying to find this to post here. Couldn’t remember where I saw it.


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