Gun owner asks lefty pol – how un-dangerous does my gun become just because I pay a fine?

This strident bitch’s answer is what we all suspected of the left anyway.

It’s her attitude that is most offensive, and I wish a chandelier fell on her while she made her fascist face.

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  1. “Forget the Fine, Maybe We’ll Just Take Your Firearms”

    …”yeah, because things like the Second Amendment, Fifth Amendment, and 14th Amendment were written by rayciss sexiss ol honkeys, so we on the left don’t need to worry about them, except when YOU try to take OUR drugs n stuff, THEN they matter”, thinks the commie chick…

  2. It’s not just her attitude, it’s all of them, Booger, beto, buttplug, kamala. Need lots and lots of rope.

  3. What a smug, even the dog wasn’t desperate enough when they put the pork chop around her neck bitch.

  4. “…and I wish a chandelier fell on her…”

    …totally OT, but this for some reason made me think about an old gynecologists diagnostic “tell” called “Chandelier Sign”. Not sure if they still say that and probably not in too many textbooks, but it was said that when a gyno would do a bimanual exam (palpating inside and outside the vagina simultaneously), a woman with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (usually from bad sex partner choices) would present with “Chandelier Sign”, because the pain would be SO intense, she’d jump right out of the stirrups and end up hanging onto the chandelier from the pain.

    …huh, maybe NOT off topic, since this gal’s face makes me think HER pelvis has been inflamed for quite a while, so she’s taking the pain out on US…

  5. Lady, you ain’t taking anything. You’re going to use your position of authority to have others take what you find personally offensive.
    When the day comes you’ll have that smug look slapped off your face because talking is all you’re going to be able to do.

  6. Just another example of the irreconcilable division Obama created in our country, and it’s a division that is not going to come to a peaceful ending.

    Read the writing on the wall and be prepared for it when it comes or be helplessly swept away by it.

  7. They all act like they’re holding stern authority over people and if they should so choose you’ll regret ever daring to even question them.
    They can’t seem to draw the distinction between a representative and a prison guard.

  8. GREAT COMMENTS!!!! you all burned up my thought process and made it better…..

    My only comment is this…I don’t think they realize what they’re up against….GET OFF MY LAWN!….LOL…never rang truer!!!….

  9. What was equally infuriating were all the sycophants mindlessly clapping to her inane pronouncements.

  10. Sometime last year, on an open mic, a New Jersey lawmaker was overheard saying something like: Registration for now, but confiscation is the goal.
    She couldn’t be much clearer that that.

  11. I love questions that reveal the inner fascist.

    She couldn’t hide behind BS words on the fly and just came out with what was in her heart.

    My question is – how is she staying in office and what neck size does she have?

    People should be shopping for a flaming tire necklace for her.

  12. Maybe it’s long past time that one or two million gun-owners show up in DC to march on the capitol. I think our beloved representatives in congress need to see what 1/80th of the gun owning population looks like.

  13. ‘1/80th of the gun owning population looks like.’
    CT Ginger,,, Nailed it!
    Certainly the the Adult Depends supply in DC will be out-of-stock.

  14. “How dangerous can they be…..?”

    What a great question. The answer really doesn’t matter because there isn’t a solid one besides guns aren’t evil.
    The grabbers lose no matter how they respond to the question.
    As the woman [pardon the non-PC stereotype.] in the dress said, they’ll [attempt to] take them. The only other response is, they ain’t.

    BFH – Speaking of weapons and such, has there been a recent Bad Brad sighting?

  15. Put her name on the list of traitors (hey, she wants to dispense with Second Amendment) so when THEY start the Second American Civil War we can round them up for trial and execution.

  16. @CT Ginger

    If only we could get a leader to set a date and organize the march. I’d go in a heartbeat. It’s way past time.

  17. The totalitarian class keeps chipping away at our rights. Hopefully, she’ll be in a situation where she will rue the day she had those opinions and the power to enforce them.


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