Gun Wins in Failed Mugging

Watch the guy with the backpack.

He comes up from behind the guy carrying a cell phone and somehow strong arms him out of something. The cell phone, maybe his wallet.

The getaway didn’t go so well.

Everyone is saying the guy should have shot the guy, but that’s ridiculous. You’d be up on murder charges. But a gun certainly controls the situation, doesn’t it?

Video HERE

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  1. That’s kinda the shitty zone with guns… you shouldn’t pull it unless you are going to use it.

    There was no way he could legally smoke the guy, but the presence of mortal danger certainly changed the thieving wanker’s mind.

    It’s not a good way to solve problems. There shouldn’t be societal approbation for using a gun like this.

  2. This, as you can tell, is not the United States.
    I have no idea what the law is in whatever this country is where this takes place.
    In the U.S. the guy is advised to notify an attorney who then advises the police that he drew his weapon and chased a guy down. Do concealed carry holders do this? No one knows the stats on this for obvious reasons.
    The guy in this video would probably be in trouble because the gun wasn’t used in self-defense.
    The laws are so effed up that, yes, a civilian should only draw his gun when it is necessary to fire. And even then, you’ll be George Zimmermanned.

    The takeaway from the video posted? The moral of the story?

  3. We don’t need deathly force for cigarette tax evasion… nor do we need it for people running away.

    I am not a cop. I will not pull my firearm unless I am in mortal danger.

  4. Yeah, basically in America, when the victim gets the ‘drop’ on the perp, the perp becomes the victim. Truly f’d-up no doubt.

  5. Pulling a gun is not always brandishing. If you feel threatened and pull a gun and the bad guy backs up, you can’t shoot him. He’s no longer a threat. They can’t have it both ways. Having said that I wouldn’t want to be forced to spend the money required to defend my self in court. And I’d never chase a guy down the street with my gun drawn.

    Here’s a great video of a CCW that handle a thief perfectly. And LEO appreciated it. Great learning video.

  6. “Pulling a gun is not always brandishing. If you feel threatened and pull a gun and the bad guy backs up, you can’t shoot him. He’s no longer a threat.”

    Thank you. That answered my question.

  7. MJA
    Go getcha a permit. Use me as a reference. I’ll lie and say your a good person of moral upstanding. LOL,

  8. okay…so all yall think the guy was wrong for pursuing the miscreant to get his phone back…????

    ….yall are not the people i thot you were……

    ………hell, yeah, i woudda pulled my gun and pursued his ass….HE STOLE FROM ME….. am i sposed to just eat it????

    ….sorry…..not happening

  9. You can buy a few hundred new phones for the money you will save by not getting busted for chasing the bad guy down the road with your gun on him.

  10. A comment from the video to consider:

    “On second viewing, why is everyone wearing purple? why would the guy with his hands up not be putting them up in a defensive position? People do this when you point a gun at them. I’m going to call BULLSHIT on this fake vid.”

    In addition, why didn’t the perp keep running? He had a good head start on the guy with the gun, so why even look back? Most robbers would have kept going.

    I’m not calling it fake, but I would like to have more information before swallowing the story whole.

  11. It is odd that the relevant action just happens to occur right in front of the camera. The purple ain’t no thang – I’ve seen IP cameras that render blues as purple such that you really can’t tell the difference. Nobody bothered to adjust this one.

  12. The purple thing is a digital cam problem. Sometimes one of my dash cams show the trees and green lights as purple and no real color distinctions elsewhere. A reset helps sometimes.

    Notice everything not purplish looks black and white in this video.

    Broad daylight, open public space robberies – you really don’t expect that. It’s not like you went to the bad part of town in the middle of the night.

    Then you get asked why you carry if you’ve never needed to use it yet.

  13. @Bad_Brad – That was a great video. I loved how the cop came up and shook his hand.

  14. We can’t have Patriots thinking it’s ok to point guns at (and fire, as in one news story I recall) fleeing shoplifters.

    There are some real dumbasses in this world. The rules of engagement are black and white, gray, and utterly incomprehensible.

    When you strap it on you better know what you are doing. And like BFH said, and I paraphrase, “You are #ucked in any case…”…

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