Guy Confronts School Board, Telling Them About His Bullying – There’s a Must See Reveal


A Texas man describes the bullying he suffered in junior high because his surname was ‘Gay’ to a roomful of teachers and administrators –

Must See

16 Comments on Guy Confronts School Board, Telling Them About His Bullying – There’s a Must See Reveal

  1. There is no such thing as anti-bullying. The people in power just want to make sure that only people that they oppose are the victims of bullying.

  2. I bet Lance was squirming like the worm that he is when he said his name used to be Gay. That’s a bad way for a kid to grow up.

  3. Wow! Glad he didn’t pull the trigger way back then.

    Having an honest beef with someone is not the same as hanging with a pack and bullying someone. See Bad_Brad’s awesome comment under the bomber thread.

    For some reason, I thought the guy was going to leverage his unique name by telling them everyone should say “homosexual” instead of “gay.” That’s what I would have added anyway. I don’t think anyone has the name “Homosexual.”

  4. Mr. Gay hasn’t gotten over his anger, he lived long enough to speak face-to-face as an adult to his enemy. He did a nice job of it too. I was expecting that .45 to be pulled out and Mr. Bully eliminated. Was that a smirk of laughter I heard from the perp at the end of the confrontation?

  5. I love how the board sits behind the appearance of high walls, all spread out like royalty ensuring they don’t have to mingle with the deplorables. What a waste of taxpayer funds, that setting is.

  6. It’s true what the principal said: They will grow up some day and won’t always be like that.” I’m ashamed to admit that I picked on a few kids growing up in school, too. Yes, I received my share of hassle, too, from others, but we do all grow up. To the boy in 7th-8th grade that I picked on everyday on the bus; Chris McDonald. I’m sorry. To Bruce Erickson, who punched me in the eye and tormented me nearly everyday in 6th grade; I forgive you.

    Carrying around that type of negativity for that long isn’t healthy. At some point it needs to be let go. I understand the anger from the speaker, but carrying that around for 40 years? I think some people never learned coping skills in the degree in which they are needed.


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