Guy nailed a 66 yard field goal in the National Felon League last night

First, Tom Dempsey’s 63 yarder. When football was great.

And here is Tucker’s kick-

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  1. I don’t watch television, and I can’t stand the NFL (despite having a cousin who plays for Dallas). But this? I have already played the video a dozen times between yesterday and today. One of the greatest moments in football history.

  2. Jesus Christo Brad just shut up once in a while…..”first white cornerback signed since 2002″?????…For the sake of God your ignorant….you brag about not following sports, you don’t know what ducks eat (supposedly being an avid duck hunter)…just hold your tongue once in awhile….

    Let the name calling commence….

  3. Whatever Detroit did to make G-d made they need to figure it out and repent. It can’t be the homicides because The Bears win now and again. It can’t be the Drugs because Baltimore just beat them. San Fran wins also- my point being the people of Detroit must be up to some diabolical & devious excrement and G-d is giving all the clues He is going to give.

    I jest. But at this point people have to be asking “why?”.

  4. Growing up in Michigan, the Lions always broke my heart. The aforementioned Dempsey kick, 0-16, and now this. Can 0-17 be far away? Here we just call it SOL (Same Old Lions).

  5. I remember Dempsey’s when it happened. Was at my uncle’s house and he darn near lost his mind and I don’t think he’s watched a game since. He was mad as hell because the Lions didn’t even attempt to rush or block the kick. They assumed it was impossible to make.

  6. Dempsey’s I trust, with the Ravens: how much air did they cram into that ball before the snap? Surprised it didn’t explode as he kicked it.

  7. Hey Brad, you sight one website that is as wrong as you….Do some research, sport….

    newsweek. Nice source, spunky…they are SURE a reliable source…check in with your q-anon secret agents…they have a new source about what ducks eat….

  8. OK, OK….I know a kid that I grew up with that was involved in player development for an NFL team. …White cornerbacks are drafted and signed as cornerbacks, but are physical specimens still growing. They turn them into safety’s and even composite linebackers…..There’s lots of white guys that have been signed at cornerback and played at cornerback….Brad doesn’t understand team sports or what ducks eat….

    Sometimes the ignorance just needs to be addressed…..

  9. Justin Tucker is one of the good guys. He played for my alma mater, UT Austin, and kicked the game-winning field goal in our last game against the aggies. He is also an opera singer with a beautiful voice.

  10. willysgoatgruff
    Could you actually be a bigger loser? I think not. Go head, pull the trigger. Name one person that will actually tolerate your dumb ass. Ya can’t.

  11. PS Willey, I’ll never stoop so low again to ruin somebodies post by answering your dumb ass. So I’ll wait until they’re ready to flip to page two. Your a total DFL that could never keep a woman or any friends. I can certainly understand your infatuation with me since I have both. You weak mother fucker. Go ahead, pull that trigger. Ya know your close. Do the world a favor loser.

  12. PS PS Willard. I work for a living. Unlike your sorry welfare collecting ass. Usually 12 hour days. If you expect a response you should wait until after that. Pacific time lil bitch.

  13. I watched the Ryder Cup over the weekend.
    One black guy on the team and I never heard him say shit about representing blacks.
    He was representing AMERICANS.

    The played the Star Spangled Banner, not the negro anthem like the NFL.
    Sorry, just tired of the race bullshit!

  14. Loco, I don’t disagree. I thought what I posted a novelty. The NFL has evolved into something I’m not interested in watching. And I don’t


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