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Guy Shoots a Guy Over Laundry

He was very BOLD.

He was not of good CHEER.

He had nothing to GAIN.

He could have used his ARM and HAMMER.

Now he has a BOUNTY on his head.

They say capital punishment is not a detergent.


An Indianapolis man is in jail accused of shooting a complete stranger inside a laundromat on Indy’s northwest side.

The shooting took place Sunday afternoon at a coin operated laundromat near 79th and Michigan.

The victim had his hip shattered after being shot by another customer.

According to court records, multiple eye witnesses cooperated with police and helped identify the accused shooter.

Those witnesses told police the suspect simply got mad because people were in his way doing laundry.

“This is one of those cases that was extremely senseless,” said IMPD officer William Young.

For their part, police praised several witnesses for helping them track down the accused gunman, 54-year-old John Walker.

One witness told police after shooting the victim Walker calmly took his laundry out of the dryer then walked to the parking lot and tossed the handgun underneath a car where it was recovered by police.

According to the affidavit, a second witness told police she knew the suspect because they’d been friends.  She gave police Walker’s name and admitted he had a short temper.


Of course, it might be time to rerun this hilarious classic-

4 Comments on Guy Shoots a Guy Over Laundry

  1. The handgun apparently turned the TIDE for the shooter. Getting shot in the hip was a real DOWNY I bet. Maybe a quick SNUGGLE with his wife will WISK away his cares and help him CHEER up so he’ll be feeling FAB in no time. In a DASH he’ll be ready to hit the SURF again and give it his ALL.

  2. I would never shoot someone over my laundry. Blood stains are difficult to remove.

  3. And… it’s what you expect. No need to look.

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