Haitian migrants revolt in custody and seize control of privately contracted bus

Washington Examiner: DEL RIO, Texas — Haitian migrants who were being transported on a federally contracted private bus away from the border revolted during the ride and overtook control of the commercial vehicle before escaping, according to two law enforcement officials.

A large white bus bound for San Antonio, Texas, was overtaken Monday afternoon during the two-and-a-half-hour trip from the international bridge in Del Rio. The migrants on board had been picked up from the makeshift migrant camp, where thousands are waiting to be taken into custody, two federal law enforcement agents told the Washington Examiner.

“They did break out of the bus, and they did escape,” a senior federal law enforcement official confirmed to the Washington Examiner on Tuesday. more here

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  1. Time to bring the .50 cal guns and turn the river red. I’m done with this s*it. This sense of entitlement has got to be stopped by us, because the government’s not going to do it.

  2. If I was president (I probably never will be) one of the first things I would do is declare that the Castle Doctrine applies and will be enforced on our international borders.if you are trying to invade our country we will shoot your ass!

  3. I’m wondering how in the hell we’re going to get them the hell out of our country if we are successful at gaining control again.

  4. How are all of these INVADERS from all over the world getting to Mexico?
    I’m sure they are too poor to pay for their own transportation.
    Why is this topic not all over the news?

  5. @Brad
    All of that “Aid” money the political crooks spread all over the world actually gets funneled back (possibly through that evil bastard) to use against the citizens who pay for it through their taxes.

  6. Give them first class bus fare to Delaware. Montchanin has some open space.
    Tell them to ask for Auntie Doctor Jill who will give them free room and board until they decide on work.

    If the people of Delaware have any complaint, tell them to barricade their fraud preznit in his basement wheelhouse.

  7. With George Bush raising money for Liz Cheny, and Bill Gates bragging about Epstein being dead, what more do we need to know about our treasonous swamp class?

  8. “A large white bus”. What would you expect you racist assholes. You don’t load Blacks on a white bus without consequences. Besides there weren’t enough seats in the back.

  9. How fast would you get arrested if you show up at the border with a rifle, and say “I’m here to help”.
    A man size target @ 500 is easy.

  10. Jethro

    Remember the summer of 2020 when all the immigrants were showing up on the beaches in Europe in those big ass blue rafts. Everyone was trying to figure out who was paying for nice new shiny rafts. The finally followed the money thru about ten dummy corps and tracked it back to Soros. The only reason I can come up with for why that old asshole isn’t dead yet is that he’s not human.

  11. Wait until the Supreme Court rules that not only are you required to feed them, educate them and medicate them but you must also let them live in your house with you (They get the ‘MASTER’ bedroom)!

  12. I think they fly into Honduras or some country that doesn’t require a Visa and they have to hoof it or hitch a ride the rest of the way.

  13. Who among you or your neighbors will be the first to be hacked to death on the street by the wonderful new immigrants?

  14. They’ve created such a paradise in Haiti, it’s hard to imagine why they would ever want to leave. So now they will apply all their skills and knowledge toward making their adopted country just as nice as the one they left. Remember, our strength is our diversity. And “Work makes you Free!”



    If any of you live near that area in Texas, they need some help for outside resources coming in to stay nearby to help. Here is Sheriff Coe’s Link:


    May God Bless You, if you can help out with a place to stay for one or more, overnight while they do their work out there.

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