Hallmark Pulls Wedding Ads Featuring Two Brides Kissing


 Under pressure from a conservative advocacy group, The Hallmark Channel has pulled ads for a wedding-planning website that featured two brides kissing at the altar.

The family-friendly network, which is in the midst of its heavily watched holiday programming, removed the ads because the controversy was a distraction, a spokesperson said in an interview Saturday.

“The debate surrounding these commercials on all sides was distracting from the purpose of our network, which is to provide entertainment value,” said a statement provided by Molly Biwer, senior vice president for public affairs and communications at Hallmark.

In an interview, she added: “The Hallmark brand is never going to be divisive. We don’t want to generate controversy, we’ve tried very hard to stay out of it … we just felt it was in the best interest of the brand to pull them and not continue to generate controversy.”


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  1. “The family-friendly network, which is in the midst of its heavily watched holiday programming, removed the ads because the controversy was a distraction, a spokesperson said in an interview Saturday.”

    “Family-friendly”? Not anymore.

    “the controversy was a distraction”? From what? Implementing their agenda of softening up the soccer moms of America toward gay marriage.

    It’s a conspiracy of thought. Their goal is to soften us up mentally and therefore weaken us spiritually.

  2. Hallmark assholes. I was somewhere… I don’t remember where… and I was looking at Valentines Day cards for my wife. I got pretty confused in about 5 seconds. An employee of the establishment noticed my confusion and told me, “That’s the Mahogany display”.

    I became more confused. She, again, noticed my confusion and stated, “Those are Valentines Day cards for negroes”.

    At that point I was even MORE confused.

    “Negroes have different cards?” She nodded.

  3. CFA giving charity to hard Leftists and now this?! What’s going on? The evil one is working time and overtime these days. Keep on your toes, gang.

  4. oh, gosh, i’m relieved. I dont have to boycott the Hallmark channel. whew

    when my wife has it on i cry myself to sleep


    Pull homo ad and then say two of the liberals’ stupidest lines.

    1. “We were concerned about offending someone.”

    2. “Someone (whom we won’t identify) made a complaint, and were offended, so we pulled the ad.”

    Make them live by their own rules –Saul Alinsky

  6. Soros is Satans leading disciple on earth. He has retrograded deep behind the scenes as the Devil operates in the shadows.

    He has used his money and satanic power to seduce Drudge into oblivion, he has flipped Chick-fil-A, and is moving on to the Hallmark channel.

    He is installing satanic DA’s across the nation in preparation for investigative destruction and legal discipline of Christians across the country.

    Soros is behind the curtain pushing Republican Reps towards early retirement or just quitting the house and is responsible for attacking every conservative institution in the country.

    His money funds every anti 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendment group and campaign. He funded the global warming and healthcare statist takeovers.

    We are in the final phase before the end times. We have fallen off the edge with the globalist cabal and have been granted a reprieve with PDJT and Boris for the US, and UK as it is Gods timing when the end of days occurs.

    He always grants an option of repentance before the hammer falls, but make no mistake we are close to his wrath when we queerify Christ on Netflix.

    Our education, entertainment, media, cultural and governance at all levels have been fully corrupted by Lucifer.

    We are close people, but not quite there. If we want to prevent our grand or greatgrandkids from the suffering of Revelations we must fight to the death now.

    I am optimistic we shall prevail and that God is set to destroy the globalists for now. The Lizard Queen will win the nomination and take the Demonrats down with her, they seed their own destruction daily now and God’s Grace has allowed exposure of the vile roaches inside the walls of our world.

    Grid your loins and prepare for battle because Satan will cause turmoil on the day PDJT is re-elected. Soros is already funding Satans army to revolt on Election Day.

  7. I salute Hallmark for dumping these ads. From the beginning of time when there were marriages, it was always between a man and woman.
    Try connecting two pipes without a without the female part. Same with audio or video cables. 100% of the time you need a male and female to make it work.

  8. Big deal! Hallmark is still “down” with Mother’s day cards for single Mom’s and Wife to Wife anniversary cards…..

  9. You know…

    I don’t want to belittle Hallmark Channel for their choice. But “pulling” the ads wasn’t theirs. The website booked half-a-dozen ads. Four (that’s two-thirds, 66% for those in Rio Arctica) were lesbian couples. Two were hetero. No homo.

    After Hallmark’s viewers said “Um… no”, Hallmark pulled the lesbian ads. The website, not Hallmark, then had a hissy poop flinging fit (again, no homo), and yanked the two ads that the Hallmark viewers wanted to watch. The ads that were driving Hallmark viewers to the website’s product. You know, what advertising is supposed to do.

    But, I guess a fake ad campaign, with much fake outrage, and many, many, fake Americans, that you don’t have to pay for… and suffering through free brand broadcast (by people that love lesbians, hate heteros, and insist that homos don’t exist… hmm… no connection, there)… is just what good, honest, moral, business xen, have to do to survive. Sad.

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