Hamas Terrorists Paraglided into Outdoor Dance and Killed and Kidnapped Party Goers – IOTW Report

Hamas Terrorists Paraglided into Outdoor Dance and Killed and Kidnapped Party Goers


An American man sent a chilling text message to his parents while he attended a desert party in Israel – moments before Hamas terrorists launched their brutal surprise attack.  

Hersh Golberg-Polin, 23, texted his mother and father ‘I love you, I’m sorry’ at 8.11am on Saturday – as callous Palestinian militants declared war on Israel, took dozens of people as hostage and killed hundreds during the Jewish high holiday. 

Born in Berkeley, California, Hersh and his family moved to Jerusalem when he was just seven-years-old. 

Fears for American Hersh Golberg-Polin, 23, after he sent parents chilling message ‘I love you, I’m sorry’ before vanishing from desert in Israel dance rave.


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  1. If you see the footage of them parading around that 21 year old German girl they raped and killed you won’t sleep well tonight. Mooslems need to be eradicated. They’re sub human animals.

  2. So, should we go on the offense? Or should we prepare a proper defense! Regardless, we better prepare to kill the enemy completely! They are preparing to kill us completely!

  3. I have worked all over Israel in years back.
    Stayed in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Be’er Shiva, Tel Aviv, Haifa, etc.

    Heard rockets while in the Southern portion.
    Small but WTF?
    The hotel I stayed at in Askelon had damage from an attack.
    Walked by a bar in Tel Aviv that got terrorist bombed 20 minutes later.
    Military service is compulsory for men & women.
    Coming & going through the airport is a nightmare with the overbearing security.

    Thing is, it’s no way for a country to exist.
    It’s like having a pack of rottweilers next door while your children play outside.

    NOW is the time to exterminate cockroaches.
    Yes, I said exterminate, the word THEY use against the Jews since the beginning of time.

    The time is NOW!

  4. “I have worked all over Israel in years back.”

    Yada Yada. Hold on. There’s something different here. They usually show these peeps in the Gaza armed to the teeth. Every hot 20 something year old has an AR or an M4 slung over their shoulder. Not this time. Libtards Jews have been trying to disarm the populous for quite sometime. Not unlike our Gov. This is the end result. Now focus back home.

  5. @Brad,

    “If you see the footage of them parading…”

    These are the zero degree of humanity, the result of centuries of inbreeding marriages between brothers and sisters and first cousins candied in their shitty Islamic dogma.
    These fucking Muslim retard, I hustle with fury, every time I see the images of what they were doing to the corpses of Gordon & Shughart, during the battle of Mogadishu and I am not American.
    So besides, when I see this ilhan omar scum sitting quietly in Congress making fun of the world, it makes me sick.

  6. “and I am not American.”

    I’m not sure that will matter soon. This is a new paradigm. You’re either with God or you’re not. This just happened 24 hours ago and we already have three carrier groups headed there. How does that happen that fast? Trump nailed it today when he posted, we’ve never been closer to WWIII. None of this seems right. I’m only convinced of one thing. There’s some really bad shit coming. The image of that poor young girl in the back of that truck, mostly naked, an all the way dead is an image I won’t forget anytime soon. Heart breaking.

  7. The Palestinians have attacked school buses and pizza parlors in Israel, all the while placing their own missiles next to schools and hospitals. The Palis don’t want peace, they want the destruction of Israel.

  8. Brad,

    I am a veteran (5th generation of military career). And I live in this insane asylum that has become France (no laughing, eh). It pains us to see what’s happened in the US since that Clinton shit, laid its ass in the white house (I’d even go back to Carter, but hey). If there is finally a second civil war in the USA and you create an international brigade of “Iron Scouts” or Sharpshooters, then I will be.

  9. Like the nazis of 1941: kill them all before they kill us. It’s hard to believe some of these people are in our congress. This is all on obama, clinton, soros and biden.

  10. Brad,

    B-24 my favourite WWII bomber (especially with the “Ploesti Raid” camos) I built it every scale available but 1/32. The only complaint I made to this model is that it was necessary to weigh the nose to death so that it fits on its 3 landing gears and therefore, I could “super-detail” the front compartment.

    In the family, we love the USA and we really hate the Germans, the English (atavistic way) and the communists (especially the leftists and trade unionists).

    – Napoleon III’s Mexican campaign
    – Conquest of Tonkin
    – WWI
    – WWII (one of my uncles “Naval Aviation”, was patented at Corpus Christi in 43)
    – Indochina War
    – Korean War “Bataillon de Corée”
    – Operation “Musketeer” 1956
    – Algerian War
    – Drakkar 83
    – Opération Daguet 91 (I am the buffoon of the list in comparison)

    I would say that my family has done its part, so to see his country delivered to the barbarians by people who have never gone “to the chicory” as they say at home, it puts in rage.
    To see the US fall and be betrayed the same way by its politicians, just as we have been at home since the election of Mitterrand in 81, is a heartbreaker.

  11. I’ve seen two videos of Israeli women, both stating they’ve served in the IDF that were absolutely flabbergasted that this could even happen. They both stated essentially the same things. That the border is so secure that a cat walking by a fence will have the IDF on high alert until they investigate. That tunnels have been created with high tech equipment that alerts them when people are in the vicinity. There was more that I’ve already forgotten.

    They both felt that something is not right about this. That it happening should have been a near impossibility.

    It’s very difficult to know what to believe.

  12. Basically they are attacking NOW for many reasons:

    US heading into another financial crisis
    Oil is Expensive – Many of these countries make huge Oil Money
    The media has been yapping that the WEST is out of SHELLS & AMMO
    The US has Serious boarder issues
    ChYnA is TYING up a lot of Assets, time & intelligence
    Plenty of ammo & weapons left in Afghanistan that are in ENEMY hands most likely
    CURRENT WEAK PRESIDENT – Trump might be the Next Guy and they don’t want to deal with Him.

    Could you think of a better time?

  13. There has to be a conflict for the first beast to arise. If these godless asses of men make it to Jerusalem, God will crush them and all of the nations surrounding it. Zechariah chapters 12 and 14.

  14. mark Sunday, 8 October 2023, 22:27 at 10:27 pm

    this is a lesson to all, either kill evil with 110% certainty or expect this to continue . They will show you no compassion so return the favor.

    There is no lesson here, they’ve been attacking Jews ever since the beginning of time. Solomon built the First Temple in Jerusalem, dedicating the temple to Yahweh, or God in Judaism. The First Temple was built in 1000 BC by King Solomon after King David conquered Jerusalem and made it his capital. The Temple was destroyed in 586 BC by Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon.

    There’s no lessons, the Jews keep getting destroyed because they continue to turn their back on God. WWII could have been a wake up call for them, look where they’re at today…still fighting the muzzies.

  15. I have to say something about the word border.

    Border = B O R D E R = Border is a noun that means the boundary of a geographic location, such as a state or country

    Boarder – B O A R D E R – 1. a person who receives regular meals when staying somewhere, in return for payment or services.

    Why should I pay tribute to school teachers?

  16. As an old aircraft carrier guy I find myself praying a lot for the safety of all the sailors and airmen and women on board aircraft carriers sent into harms way in any kind of conflict. I’ve been there and it’s dangerous enough even when we aren’t fighting a war. May God bless Israel and hope that we don’t have to intervene but if we do to destroy all those pisslamic bastards root and branch and kill them all, no mercy, no quarter. And God forbid it they try another attack on US soil ever again, at which point it’s time to nuke Tehran as well as Mecca etc.

  17. Peacenicks get themselves and others killed
    The communist are everywhere and they will disarm you whenever they can, but the enemies of any goodness are never disarmed because they are committed useful idiots.
    The deep state helped this thing go down in some way.
    Prove me wrong.


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