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Hannity Goes Full Corp Press on Lauren Boebert

The previously insufferable Hannitus Interruptus has been on a downward spiral ever since his wife caught him in an affair with Ainsley Earhardt and divorced him.  Immediately thereafter, with Fox News holding leverage over his ability to pay the support needed, he has been unwatchable in the extreme.   However, that said, even at the lowest possible threshold of credibility, Hannity finds a way to go even deeper into the hole of irrelevance with this interview.

Sean Hannity invites Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert onto his television show so that she can listen to him tell her what her position is regarding his good friend Kevin McCarthy.  This is peak moonbattery from the ridiculous pundit. Despicable

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  1. I gave up on Hannity when he went full Covid coward and wanted police barring the unvaxxed from their own homes in his building lest they infect his precious self.

    Fuck that guy.

  2. Doesn’t it seem like his head is getting fatter. He must be gaining some weight. He needs to get back into his MMA training. Or maybe boxing. He could go a few rounds with “Iron” Mike Tyson. That would be worth seeing.

  3. Sean lifted his skirt way over his head last night and showed the entire conservative world his dirty stinky pussy. Hilariously he kept going on about McCarthy’s promise for INVESTIGATIONS!!! So, who did he have helping spear head this canard as a guest? Why none other than Mr. Rooster head himself Trey Gowdy. Remember he was in charge of the Benghazi scandal that went NOWHERE and then followed it up with another cheerleader for McCarthy Jason Chaffetz who was in charge of the IRS targeting scandal that went NOWHERE! So we know where McCarthy’s investigations are going…. Swamp protects the entire swamp

  4. I saw it last night. Jump the shark is right. Rush would be ashamed. It was just awful. He kept accusing Boebert of filibustering while he continually talked over her.

    Hannity is done.

  5. I have never watched Hannity on Fox. But since I live out where the radio waves don’t run I am vexed with him daily from 2-5 PM. Most days I choose radio silence.

  6. Pete Sessions of Texas is an idiot. He gets that McCarthy is not going to get the votes but then says they don’t know what the 20 want. I have heard them tell you on the floor more than once what they want. No more unanimous votes by leaders with no members present. Bills written in Congress that aren’t thousands of pages and 72 hours for members to read them, then be able to debate them on the floor. Back to the way it was before Pelosi changed it and one member can bring lack of confidence in speaker to a vote. Border security bill brought to the floor for a vote. Term limit bill brought to the floor for a vote. No more earmarks. Balanced budget. No more of leadership spending donations in primaries to defeat conservatives. The person who is not McCarthy because he burned the bridges, who will agree in writing will get their vote.

  7. Texan,
    Radio silence would be better.
    Maybe play some music on a CD.
    Anything but Fraud Hannity.
    If your memory goes back that far, do you remember Fraud’s one-time rabid liberal co-host, Alan Colmes? (who died of lymphoma)
    Seems like Fraud is being possessed by the ghost of Colmes. And it shows.

    I don’t watch/listen to Fraud Hannity, but I would FOFLOL if some pissed off guest were to call him “Alan” or “Colmes” during the show, and watch Fraud’s reaction. I’m sure if that happened, someone would be recording the moment and replaying it for the rest of us to enjoy.

  8. General Malaise, screw that. I can’t stand being around a few idiots, much less hundreds of them. Both sides of the aisle. The R side keeps doing the same thing over and over again, thinking there will be a different outcome. While you have a few idiots get up and give these lying speeches about McCarthy, when they’re not crying. Then you have one of the idiots who has to basically give a speech every single time he votes for the “Honorable” Kevin McCarthy. Meanwhile you have MTG all over the house rubbing against different men, giggling at them, patting them on the arm like a bitch dog in heat.
    On the other side you have people who get up and give the most ignorant speeches for Jeffries. Then you have the Green guy from Texas who gets up every time and says something about black lives matter or slaves and why he’s voting for Jeffries.
    Democrat side claps and hoots and hollers when Jeffries votes for himself.
    Republican side does the same when McCarthy votes for himself.

  9. I’m tired of Hannity – he’s been part of the GOPe problem for some time. He’s not all bad, but he’s not leading anything anymore, just hanging on to old rot that’s killing the GOP. Boebert is trying her best, but she’s got to moderate it just a bit, so she appears more calm on tv. Anyway: I’ll take Boebert over Hannity any time.

  10. General Malaise, I can go to the store happy and come home ticked off because of stupid people. No way I could live in D.C. where there would be more than I could shake a stick at, I’d end up in jail when I went off on them.
    Unlike Boebert I wouldn’t be able to carry in that swamp hole. That black guy from Texas was annoying me so much I wanted to shoot him through the tv screen. I say tv, which it is, but I was actually watching the insane asylum on youtube through Roku.

  11. Even the establishment GOP country club crowd cringes when hannity spits and drools his establishment mantra.
    I have no patience for fools with opinions seeking confirmation, popularity and ratings.
    Don’t know where Hannity’s principles went, but they are gone.
    That is, if he had any at all.

  12. I never saw the attraction of Hannity, radio or TV; couldn’t watch him initially because of Colmes, but when I did finally listen, he struck me as simple, entry level cuckservatism. If you look up “stupid jock” in the dictionary, his picture is next to the entry; as a political pundit, he’d make a good cobbler.

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