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Happy 58th!

Who is it? Her!

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  1. Happy Birthday Dianny!

    I’ll be rolling into that neighborhood the 20th next month.
    I agree that working out is the only thing that will keep you feeling young.
    Covid BS had me gaining 15 pounds that I am in the process of losing.
    Personally, 60 is a scary number to my psyche…

  2. Revelation:
    I had to go to the store this morning, in and out.
    There were mostly old people there.
    Like a sledge hammer it hit me, they were younger than me.
    58? I was 7 years old in 1958. ’58 was a good year.

    OH, Forgot what I was doing……..
    Happy 58th Birthday Dianny!!! 58 is young !!

  3. Happy Birthday, Dianny–I certainly hope someone brings you German Chocolate Cake!

    As others have exclaimed, 58 is young! I am happy you are feeling better for your DAY!

  4. Cheers Happy Birthday!

    58 is still old enough to know what’s right and still young enough not to choose it!

    (a slight variation of Rush’s “new world man”)

  5. Happy Birthday Dianny!
    I’m one year ahead of you, just turned 59 today!
    I just have to say, 58 is NOT old!
    I’m happy to be in such esteemed company-you, Abigail Adams, me!

  6. Happy Birthday Dianny, I hope tonight finds you feeling better. Enjoy 58, later on you’ll get multiple calls every day from kind Asians or Indians wanting to …help… you with your Medicare coverage. Did I mention. Every day?
    58 is great!

  7. ..58, eh? Well Ms. Meme, we’ll just have to have USA Today fact check that… 😄

    …but seriously, congrats on making it that far and doing what you do so well, and doing it all while dealing with lupis. And how wonderful that you still honored your mother’s even with a flare-up.

    You’re definitely blessed and a blessing to us…

    ….Dear Lord, please touch this lady, heal her body, let her keep on with her important work. We are privileged to partake in her mix of information and acerbic wit to buoy us during these dark times, and as Diogones of old sought after truth, so too is she unwilling to let lies bask in the darkness, but drags them into Your sunlight with a smile even through her pain. Grant her not only long life but healthy life, which is not impossible for You for while lupus is strong, Your healing is stronger.

    We thank you for the healing you already have on the way, and praise the mercy of Jesus in this and in all things,

    God Bless,

  8. Without reading, Happy birthday, Dianny. May you live to 120.

    And @ Cato
    I knew you had the wisdom of age, but it’s more than I thought. Thanks for sharing over the years. Slowly, I’m catching up. Just a few moments ago I realized that decades of prayer had been answered – I’d been given much wisdom; I’d just not used it. Rather, I’ve been acting childish and petty in many ways.
    Wisdom, it seems, is just a tool; it does no good unless one picks it up and chooses to use it, effort and all.


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