Happy Five of Four!


  1. Ending the America We Know and Love

    (Caution: The following is politically-incorrect in extremis and not recommended for brain dead liberal-leftists who may experience seizures or acute myocardial infarctions resulting from confrontations with truth.)

    Some people seem to believe that envisioning the United States of America calling it a wrap is an un-American exercise in scare tactics designed for shock value.


    Those critics fail to understand or accept that all great nations and empires throughout history have all eventually ended, and the average duration of their greatness and dominance has been 200 years.

    America is now some 227 years old.

    On the other hand, American attitudes toward the uncomfortable subjects of uncontrolled violence, sexual deviations, and a callous contempt for life–clear signs of the moral, societal decay which have invariably presaged national collapse–are patently un-American and may very well be the harbingers of this nation’s fall into the abyss.

    Thinking and writing about that apparent inevitability is clearly pro-American and represents nothing more than harsh realism.

    Aside from us realists, there are others who may or may not think America is finished or soon will be.

    By and large, they are the same people who have promoted our decay and believe that honest discussion of the causes of our decline is off limits since such discussion is somehow discriminatory and, well, un-American, as well as antithetical to their beliefs in so-called progressive governments and a radically reformist society.

    Ironically, progressives and the topics they shun and demand the rest of us avoid debating are some of the prime causes of why America is inexorably sliding down history’s tubes and will be fortunate to be a shadow of her once-great self within a generation or so.

    Not only has ominous handwriting long been on America’s wall strongly indicating we are in a steep descent from our former prominence on the world stage but many of those progressives have fostered policies that all but guarantee our decline and actually look forward to it.

    They sincerely believe, like the reigning king of progressives, President Barack Hussein Obama, that there is nothing special about America and that our nation is no more exceptional or distinctive or noteworthy than any other country. And they are acting accordingly.

    If anything, radical progressives, again like Obama, feel we have achieved our success and wealth and status as the lone superpower left standing by taking advantage of poorer nations, by sucking them dry of their natural resources, by chicanery, stealth, and intimidation.

    (See Dinesh D’Souza’s extensively-documented The Roots of Obama’s Rage for details on the “progressive king’s” influences and motivations that reinforce that charge.)

    Progressives feel the time is long overdue for America to get her comeuppance and not only share the wealth, an idea candidate Obama once publicly advanced, but to level the world’s playing field by effectively becoming one with Third World countries as recompense for our many past and ongoing “evils.”

    This website is not intended for the uninformed, for those Rush Limbaugh refers to as “low information voters,” those citizens who have elected progressives over the years based on what progessives have told them and falsely promised them.

    Frankly, there is little hope for that sad, ignorant lot.

    Therefore, there is no need to detail here such news as the World Bank’s expectation that China will surpass the U.S. . . . (Read more at http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=36999.)

  2. Berlet – Obama is president because the people chose the guy that was for pot and gay shit over Romney who is economically competent and would have gotten people working.

  3. I only speak and read English. What does:
    Cinco de cuatro mean?
    My guess is Fuck Obama

  4. Fifth of fourth.
    Fake Mexican beer holiday.
    May fifth doesn’t sound special, but say it is Spaniah and sell the cerveza.
    Maybe we could get more attention if we called our Independence Day Quatro de Julio.

  5. The Blackberry user should send us some pics so we could see what it looked like. FFS.

  6. I no longer listen to Barky speak. His whistling S’s make my dog bark, and he CANNOT, for the life of him, make a Z sound. EVER. J ust the thought of him hissing lies makes my skin crawl.

    In a just world Roger Ebert would still be flapping his gums, and Barky would have a rubber face and computer voice.

  7. Cuatro de Julio is the Mexican guy’s jail cell.

    And there’s ALWAYS time for Brubeck.

  8. Yeah, Cinco de Mayo, and then the Mexicans got their asses kicked.

    If they want to celibate it in Mexico, fine but it is NOT an American holiday. What’s next Joyeux Quatorze Juillet?

  9. At the Obama White House? Shouldn’t it just simply be at the White House, Mr. Narcissist?

  10. @ThirdTwin – Nice! Forgot about that one.
    ACTUALLY, unless I’m worng, Zep’s has 5/4 tempo with intermittent 3/4 time…that makes it like (don’t scream) some traditional folk music. Heh.

  11. It’s national Chainsaw & Sell Meth To The Chingaso Gringos Day. Celebrated with orgies of cartel decapitations and pissing contests into brewery vats. Orina! Orina!

    Fitting since Progbama is Death To America.

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