In Open Letter, Volkswagen Employees Rip Into UAW Boss

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When the United Auto Workers surprisingly withdrew their National Labor Relations Board objections over their devastating loss at Volkswagen, UAW Region 8 boss Gary Casteel sent a letter to VW employees stating that the “UAW is here to stay.”

In response to Casteel’s letter, Volkswagen employees opposed to unionization by the UAW penned an open letter to Casteel on their website.

In their letter, VW employees point out the UAW’s hypocrisy when, in 2009, the UAW opposed the Volkswagen plant from being built, as well as called into question the hypocrisy of the UAW now declaring its intent to help push for the Volkswagen plant’s expansion after implying for more than a year that the plant needed to be unionized in order to get the VW expansion.



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  1. I must admit the era of powerful Unions is coming to a close. It sure was “fun” while it lasted. NOT.

  2. @ thirdtwin

    Sadly, Hell is not gay. It could use some queer-eye decorating and a couple of Broadway set designers. Boooring! 👿

  3. Eleanor, I would have thought Hell to be infused with gayness. Don’t tell me Satan is a homophobe who keeps them all in a giant, flaming closet.

  4. Homosexuality is “the sin that Satan, and his demons, will not countenance.”

    Can’t remember who said/wrote that … prolly some dead white dude.

  5. …who want to prevent workers from exercising their democratic right to choose union representation.

    What about their democratic right to NOT choose union representation? They voted NO and that made you UAW scum, sad. So you threw a conniption and tried to get the gov’t to back your thug tactics to force a SECOND vote in the hopes it would go your way, in violation of your own “right to choose” statement! Fuck off.

    Outdated federal laws governing the NLRB never contemplated threats and interference from outside parties.

    As opposed to threats and interference from the thug unions to force a vote their way with the workers showing up to vote with cut, bruises, and bandages because they are now “pro” union.

    You stood in front of all the Volkswagen workers before the election and refused to answer any questions.

    He didn’t want to intrude on Obama as the king of um and uh.

  6. Being pressured by the UAW, or any group, to enter your organization is like fighting off a disease before it hits your body. You know what will happen so, grab the sanitizer, soap, disinfectant, and rally the troops. The Left’s golden years of smoke-filled rooms, bags with the $ on it, and blacks / immigrants as servants is OVER.

  7. Unionism is socialism writ small. A Union is a parasitic organization dedicated to theft and inefficiency. A small cadre of tyrannical oligarchs dictates to a large, mostly stupid, or at least uninterested, membership. The members don’t really care how much the “bosses” steal because they’re making a pretty good living, doing, basically nothing, can drink and smoke dope on the job, and cannot be fired except for disobedience to the Union. It’s only when the oligarchs and members become so greedy that they kill the company which supports them, that the edifice collapses.

    If the Union dies, nobody’s out anything.

    If the Company dies, everybody’s out of a job.

  8. In a time where EVERYONE is tightening their belts, who needs another useless layer of overhead?

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