Hardware Store Tries a Gambit

Not sure he’s going to win, but it’s a good try.

Is he making the case that if he says the word “fag” around a gay person, a protected word under the first amendment, his store will be under attack, so he’s keeping them out as a form of self-preservation?

Do I have his position right? Story


New sign at Amyx Hardware & Roofing Supplies

8 Comments on Hardware Store Tries a Gambit

  1. OK first sign, not cool.

    2nd sign is workable without singling any one group out.
    Either way, someone’s got to prove in court how they were “wronged”.

  2. There are going to be lawsuits. Everywhere, and from all sides. I don’t know whether as a nation we will ever get true freedom of speech back, but we will all certainly learn what a mess it is to control.

  3. Yea, especially in Grainger County, Tennessee. If his Gaydars that good he should sell them what ever they want and send the profits to his favorite conservative candidate.

  4. You know…. He could just say he’s muslim. They won’t try anything with him then. lol

  5. attorneys are the only ones who come out on top.. I’m just about had enough with the name calling.. racist, bigot, intolerant etc..
    I laugh and tell them about the time I slept with a lesbian and she liked it..

  6. Nothing wrong with the new sign, but he could have stopped at, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” No need to give a reason. Your business, you do the work, you pick the jobs. Fuck anybody who can’t mind their own business and instead tries to ruin yours.

    Everybody in America, except for the fagbastard queers, should put up such signs to show that we won’t bow to tyrants and we won’t give up our rights and have them replaced with this superior-queer-priority bullshit.

    Oh, and if the faggots call the cops or send their lawyer down to harass you, you heard that little cocksucker talking about joining isis and going jihad with his moslem brothers in your place of business. 😉

    You want to play dirty, there’s more where that came from. lol

  7. I’m a capitalist. The best revenge I can think of for people I disagree with is to profit from them and enrich myself.

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