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Harris County Georgia Has a Message

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  1. Lets see about cloning the officials who listened to their constituents and send them in all directions.

  2. Harris was a big deal moonshine operation during prohibition.
    It is speculated Hazzard Co. of the Duke brothers is Harris Co.
    Just some good ol’ boys.

  3. It takes advertising for the city stupid to catch on.😉

    Our castle doctrine extends to our yard.

  4. Looks good to me.

    Yet another reason to prefer the South over the Northeast or Mexifornia.

    Just sayin’.

  5. I’d rather that criminals read this than Joe Biden’s stupid “Gun Free Zone” sign!!
    If there was a liberal town nearby, (let’s say like Oberlin, Ohio fer instance) I’d challenge them to all put “Gun Free Zone” signs in their front yards then re-name the town to “Flypaper”, Ohio!

  6. Anonymous, here in Maine we have concealed carry without permits required. We can open carry. We reciprocate concealed carry permits from other states. Our State Constitution says that no one can interfere with our right to own guns. We have one of the highest percentages of gun ownership in the country.
    Just because the frigging old hippies from NJ, NY, MA and CA have moved here because their pensions go further and just because they are changing our politics for the worse and are bringing frigging Somalians in doesn’t mean we’re all bad. We’re pushing back.

  7. Spokane received a lot of Somalians relocated here back in the early 90’s. At the time they seemed to be pretty decent people but most of them have now moved elsewhere in the country which is fine by me. Our biggest refugee problem is with Russians (who predominate in stealing cars and chop shops) and Eastern Europeans from the Balkans. There is a small entire community of them right living in small houses across the busy street from where my parents lived that has sprung up over the past few years. My sister in law was curious about them and went to check it out one day and found that she was very unwelcome even just looking around. I have nothing against them for the most part, I just wish they would live elsewhere. I’ve known some good Russians, worked with a few and others I wouldn’t trust any farther than I could throw them.

  8. “One jail and 256 cemeteries”…..I Love it.

    I’m looking for a winter domicile near the ocean.
    Georgia just got bumped up on my list.

  9. These threats from the Sheriff are comforting words.

    Violence against criminals will make us feel safer.

    Bold, tough, blustery talk is soothing.

    Dead criminals piled up in the cemetery means life is a continuing wonderfully.

    This is the version of Newspeak I prefer. I try to use it on leftist retards and jimmy klimmelt viewers whenever I can. I also enjoy defending FaraCon and Keith Skellison when talking to my “jewish” friends. 1984 is here.

  10. Another nice thing about GA is that if you have a concealed carry permit, even from a recripricatig state, you can open carry as well. I always switch holsters at the state line, and no one even gives me a second glance. Also, those silly gun free signs shops put in their windows are not backed by the law.


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