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Harry Belafonte Dead at  96

JTN: Legendary singer, actor and activist Harry Belafonte, famous for the “Banana Boat Song (Day-O)” and sparking a calypso craze in the United States, died Tuesday in his Manhattan home from congestive heart failure. He was 96.

Belafonte’s spokesperson from the public relations firm Sunshine Sachs Morgan & Lylis confirmed his death to the media and said his wife, Pamela, was by his side. MORE

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  1. Legendary . . .
    Isn’t that the moniker for that old white kryptogrifter banksturd of amerikans shysturd spouse and baseball been bery bery good to hims and his wifes AfriCon Times Time Shares.


  2. ^^^^^^ that reminds me of a classic line from one of the best movie characters in the superlative franchise The Equalizer;

    “My only regret is that I only get to kill you once”

    ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BgZFaMJRxM

  3. I honestly don’t see how anything he did in his career was ‘legendary’, but through remarks he made his last 2 decades his racist hatred was epic.

  4. Yup, well, apart from all the other reasons I am sorry, not sorry, he is dearly departed, I have my own harrowing story.

    I am of eastern European Ashkenazi Jewish stock and have a somewhat less than perfect nose. I was teased endlessly in high school by kids singing the chorus to the Banana Boat song (“dayo”). By adding a vowel to my first name I was greeted every day with xxxx, xxxx, daylight come and she’s got a big nose.

  5. Thanks and hearty congrats to all you hecklers !

    That was the nastiest anthology of farewell wishes I can remember. I’m wiping tears of laughter. thanks

    Let’s pledge to do even better when RottenEye Joe kicks the bucket.

  6. Shame he didn’t stick to singing.
    His devotion to communism, racism, and anti-Americanism indicates that he wasn’t very bright.

    May God have mercy on his soul.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Gotta hand it to the racist dipshit, he took a brief moment of glory and parlayed it into a lifetime of Marxist resentment, espousing Lucifer till the end. Won’t he be disappointed about that contract when he finds out the Devil really is a white capitalist.


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