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Does Firing Tucker Carlson Make Him Less Dangerous or More Dangerous?

John Nolte at Breitbart

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the downfall of a public figure like Tucker Carlson, but you should be smart about it.

In all of the media landscape—and this is not political—the last person I would gloat over losing his job is Tucker Carlson. More

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  1. It depends.
    His audience needs EASY ACCESS to HIM.
    It can’t be obscure shit like Substack or the like.
    A podcast? Give me a break.

    Look at Truth Social.
    A good idea at first due to censorship but look at how Trump uses it now.
    He refuses to go back to Twitter so he relies on minions to take screenshots of his TS posts and put them on Twitter.
    Ridiculous. Though it may be a good idea since he used to run his mouth on Twitter late at night.

    Tucker had a near perfect timeslot and network position.
    They were stupid to lose him.

  2. The simple fact that Trump has NOT gone back to Twitter tells me all I need to know about how serious he is.

    The selfish side of me wants Tucker back immediately but this is not going to happen.

    I would welcome a podcast or even a youtube/Rumble daily show. Others have made a good living going this route.

    He isn’t going to The Blaze, or The Daily Wire, or any other network.

    Tucker is well-funded, he isn’t in it for the money and does not need investors. He is smart enough and well-connected enough that wherever he lands, it will be for his benefit.

  3. I would also like to see some serious retribution aimed at Fox, a gold standard shunning, loss of viewers, loss of revenue, the ire and derision of every single rightwing personality, and even some rats turning on each other and some shooting inside the tent.

    It’s a good thing Roger Ailes is not alive to see what is happening to that great network he created.

  4. Many different media for him to pick from.
    He will be a threat to the establishment but it will take time.

    This reminds me of the new LIV Golf.
    Alternative golf league that may or may not survive.
    Going to take time and only reason it has a chance is all the huge Saudi money behind it.

    Perhaps for now Tucker needs to assume Rush’s radio time slot?

  5. Jesse Watters must have the flu
    And his slot had Fox Tonight with douchebag Brian Kilmeade

    Bwaaa ahahahah ahhahahaha hahahahaa
    The Morning to Night Shift

    Fox and 1 Friend AM To Night

  6. Meg Kelly really pissed me off with the Trump Hissy Fit, but she is actually watchable now many times.

    Tucker could become quite good independently,

    UNLIKE Chris CUM HOLE & “Crissy” Wallace the 3rd debater in the 2020 election.

  7. It looks like Tucker’s immediate plans are to continue his show on Telegram Live. There’s a bunch of posts saying his first guest will be DJT. OAN has offered him a substantial amount of money. Personally I hope that’s where he ends up.

  8. He should stick to mainly interviewing people. He always had some of the best people on his show and it’s what he thrives at.
    And whatever he does he should always start with that killer opening monologue.

  9. “Go from 3 million viewers to 17.”

    I joined this morning. When I did his account had 4K followers. I just checked and he slightly under 30K. Every one of the EDH conservative maniac business owners club joined. My local morning bitch session pals. Even though I was suspect of Tuckers loyalty to true conservative values, he was the only show on FOX me and the wife watched. Maybe an occasional Gutfield. The words just getting out. If we followed him there, others will too. Probably not 3 mil, but 1 tenth of that would be huge. He still needs to find a network and Newsmax is FOX light.

  10. It would surprise me for Tucker to come out swinging on a very obscure platform.
    Doesn’t make any sense.
    How many people here know what Telegram is or how to even access it?
    Sure you can search it but folks are very hesitant to sign up for new, unfamiliar stuff.
    I just can’t see him doing that.
    He has a ton of capitol built up and will wait to pull the trigger on something.

  11. Not looking for a big argument Brad, it’s just that you are the only person on the planet mentioning this.
    Why the big secret?
    It seems to me there would be a huge buzz considering how shocking the Tucker news was yesterday.
    Instead crickets…

  12. I think they (media, pols, leftists of every stripe) want to silence Tucker. Comments over on the MSM side want criminal charges brought against him for ‘putting our democracy in danger’. They really hate him.

  13. I thought Trump had deal with Truth Social until mid summer. That’s why he has not posted on Twitter. I think he will as the election nears. Tucker will be fine and probably will be paid not to work until his contract expires. Giving him a lot of time to figure out how and when he returns.

  14. I think he would be MORE dangerous.
    Slip the leash, off the reservation,
    no network contract restrictions,
    do/say/interview anyone he wants.
    Now he just needs a large enough platform to get his message out.

  15. Why the sudden exit? Does anyone know? The MSM intimates it has to do with the Dominion lawsuit. Was it part of the settlement that Tucker gets fired? What’s the real poop?

  16. Less dangerous or more? He’s certainly not dangerous right now. He’s been dismissed from a venue that allowed him to speak to many millions 5 evenings a week.

    Why? The second-guessing is rampant but he was removed because he went against the government narrative. His removal is a turning point. We’re living in it right now which makes it harder to discern but hindsight will sharpen our focus.

    When FOX called Arizona for Trump was when I turned away from FOX entirely. It became clear to me that they were controlled by the globalists. Tucker’s firing did not come as a surprise. The remaining hosts at FOX will have two choices. Capitulate or be terminated. I expect more firings.

    The government has greatly increased its control over cable news now. The few players left have audiences that are minimal. The message is out and it couldn’t be clearer. You say what we tell you to say and you survive.

    Tucker will find no quarter with any big player. The threats against any venue interested in having him will be too great. His only choice is going totally independent. Whether he can reach a big enough audience is in question.

    November of ’24 will determine not just his fate but ours. I don’t expect a turnaround, I expect an intensification. What the globalists seek does not allow for dissension. The message, the narrative, must be consistent. Dissenters must be eliminated. History tells us this.


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