Harry Reid Trashes 2020 Democrat Candidates

Someone from Vice tripped over a rock and found former Nevada Democrat Senator Harry Reid cooling under it.
So, they decided to ask him some questions about the Dems’ chances for 2020.
You can read about it at The Federalist.

12 Comments on Harry Reid Trashes 2020 Democrat Candidates

  1. The asshole who used serial lying, slander, voter alienation, and race-baiting to push the democrat agenda during the Bush-Obama era wonders why democrat presidential candidates all suck. Gee, can’t imagine how that happened, Harry.

  2. He is just giving them a warning they won’t be winning on the national level telling everyone what they intend to do. Make no mistake, this is the Reid-Pelosi-Obama agenda, he just knows you have to convince everyone if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, get elected and then rip the rug out and push the agenda through with some good establishment swamp Republican support on open borders at least.

  3. “The 2020 democrats are unelectable”. If cowardly POS Harry Reid finally comes out and declares it, long after the obvious, then you may as well stick a fork in it.

    BTW, that speaks volumes of his support for Biden, doesn’t it

  4. Bob M., I laughed out loud and will laugh all day when I think about that Sen. Geary reference! I’ve been involved in Nevada politics a long time and one of the highlights of my life will be to remember the phone call he made asking me to endorse him in his last re-election bid and my emphatic “Absolutely not”.

  5. Notice how he doesn’t say those are bad ideas for America, he says they are bad ideas for Democrats who want to get elected.


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