Harvey Weinstein appears handcuffed in court to face rape charges

OANnews: NEW YORK (Reuters) – Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein appeared in handcuffs in a New York court on Friday to face charges of rape and other sex crimes against two of the scores of women who have accused him of misconduct, ending his reign as a Hollywood kingpin.

Weinstein, the 66-year-old co-founder of the Miramax film studio and the Weinstein Co, intends to plead not guilty to the charges, his attorney, Benjamin Brafman, told reporters outside the Manhattan courthouse. more

From the article: ‘Speaking to reporters after the hearing, Brafman signaled he would defend Weinstein by undermining the credibility of his client’s accusers.’

That is what’s going to make this interesting. Sure, he’s probably a nasty pig and yes, he may have raped a woman, or two women, but it will also be interesting to see how many in the parade of accusing women actually jumped on the casting couch willingly and then complained when they didn’t get what they wanted from him afterwards.

He should absolutely pay for the women he hurt. But I hope he exposes the casting couch skanks, both male and female, too.  Grab some popcorn.

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  1. Hollywood will never learn. I guarantee you there’s a scumbag producer right now doing the same thing Weinstein was accused of doing and there’s a wanna be movie starlette showing her ass to a different scumbag producer. They don’t wanna learn. Too much money and ego involved.

  2. I mistakenly thought it was innocent until proven guilty, If he has not been proven guilty, why the hand cuffs? His attorney should appeal this bastardization of the judicial process.
    He should get 25 years when PROVEN guilty.


  3. Where are all of his truest, closest friends from the political world? He was beloved by them, supposedly.
    Until he stopped writing them big checks. Now they’ve vanished.

  4. Harvey is handcuffed to keep his hands off his dick. They may pass a potted plant in the courtroom.

  5. I’m waiting for the -hashtag- “not me” movement. Where are the women who walked away, saying “Eff You, I’d rather wait tables.”

  6. They HAD to cuff him, if not he would have grabbed the first woman in reach and pushed her head toward his crotch.

  7. I saw the video and the people behind the barricades taunting him and swearing at him. The man is going to pay if found guilty. It’s easy to be courageous behind barricades.

    His so-called victims are complicit. Today, some woman accused him of rape and said “I was only 21”, as if that makes her a victim. A person that old should know the way things are in that industry.

    Rose McGowan claims to be a victim. She willingly went to his hotel room, got naked, and got into a hot tub with him. Victim my arse.

  8. I honestly don’t give a crap about this unless he starts trying to bring down other perverts with him.

    Plus, for as many unwilling women he encountered, just as many willingly did him favors for money and screen time.
    So until someone has the guts to take on the industry itself, this is just one sacrificial lamb on the altar of keeping up appearances and it means nothing.

  9. oops. that last one from Anonymous was actually from me.

    I thought this thing was going to get fixed.


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