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Has Everyone Forgotten?


(CNN) — Six months to the day after Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi flew planes into the World Trade Center, the Immigration and Naturalization Service notified a Venice, Florida, flight school that the two men had been approved for student visas.

Rudi Dekkers of Huffman Aviation, where Atta, 33, and Al-Shehhi, 23, first trained in July 2000, showed the yellow INS forms to CNN during an interview Monday. Dekkers said he was surprised to get the forms at such a late date.



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  1. A lot of good it did them by then. INS really needs to streamline their processes in order to avoid embarrassments like that in the future…


  2. The murderess of San Beradeno made no effort to hide her desire for violent jihad in social media, but got a visa anyway.

    Authorities were warned about the murderers of Boston long before the marathon and did nothing.

    So the government needs to spy on everyday American’s private communications why again?

  3. Also as I remember they were from several different countries including Saudi Arabia so to Trumps point he’s right. Ban them ALL not just from Syria.

  4. So under barky, they get waved in automatically, regardless of what is in evidence against them…..Treason, that is what we call it….

  5. I have not forgotten.
    In fact I remember other stuff as well.
    Facts like:
    I have never seen a picture of somebody that was not a Muslim holding a head
    The last time a Christian tortured anybody was at a John Tesh concert

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