Has Trump crushed the border surge?

American Thinker:

Is it possible that President Trump’s deal with Mexico on halting the border surge is working?  According to Axios:

The U.S. Border Patrol apprehended roughly 87,000 unauthorized immigrants [sic] in the month of June, a decline compared to the steep figures reported over the last three months, according to leaked internal Department of Homeland Security data.

Why it matters: The drop enables acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan to tout that the June 7 deal the U.S. struck with Mexico to stem the flow of migration is working — the kind of cover he needs to fend off attacks from prominent Trump allies.

Axios has some intriguing data and a chart showing that border apprehensions of “inadmissibles” (meaning foreign nationals who break U.S. law by entering illegally) have declined from 132,887 in May to approximately 87,000 in June.  Axios has a chart showing a precipitous drop.  It’s still early, and these figures are normally compiled around the 7th or 8th.  Axios says they don’t include “inadmissibles” turned back at legal ports of entry, which would put the numbers a bit higher.

But it could very well signal that President Trump’s deal with Mexico is working.  Mexico may well be serious about enforcing its own border, given that it has sent 15,000 troops to its southern frontier with Guatemala.  In that case — even without any legal reform of asylum loopholes that enable economic migrants to abuse the asylum system, the sheer force of a Mexican troop wall is keeping them out.

Mexico paying for it…

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  1. ” ….. the sheer force of a Mexican troop wall is keeping them out.”

    I take it that Mexican troops are allowed to take actions against the “migrants” that our troops aren’t.

  2. Argh!! My son hates Trump and believes the left are the good guys. He’s been emailing me lately to talk politics, which we used to stay away from, but now he’s trying to change my mind because he doesn’t understand why I like Pres. Trump so much. Talk about a brick wall.

    Anyway, a link to Axios is one of the websites he sent me a few days ago to show me that obama’s deportation numbers were higher than Trumps. I pointed out to him that the democrats have tried to roadblock Trump’s efforts at deportation.

    Anyway – what do you think about the Axios website?

  3. Tell Mexico, for every one we catch, it’s going to cost you $X amount of dollars, and we are taking that in the form of tariffs and other penalties.

    Do a better job!

  4. I think Mexico is cooperating to give the illusion that border crossings are down and becoming manageable. They’re hoping this will stall the building of the wall because that’s the last thing they want to see completed. They want to be able to ramp the crossings back up when things calm down.
    It’s their sneaky strategy to continue dumping their problems on us.

    Ask yourself if Mexico has such stringent immigration policies then how are all the foreigners from Africa the Middle East etc winding up at our border? Someone’s letting them enter Mexico in order to pass through.

  5. Snipers in prison towers to keep those dangerous to our population INside prison walls.
    Snipers in wall towers to keep those dangerous to our population OUTside border walls.

  6. Moat with alligators, minefields, razor wire, tunnel detection equipment, automated machine funs, drones, kill zones, are all viable. /sarc

    Seriously though, make it a felony to employ or provide government services to anyone who cannot prove citizenship (e.g. birth certificate, passport, Real ID, e-Verify) and the invasion will end. The millions here illegally will self-deport. The few left behind will be MS-13 gang members who want to continue the drug trade. They can be rounded up (and preferably executed).


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