Mark Dice- Hollywood’s Obsession of Remaking Classics Into Feminist Propaganda

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  1. Example 2,593 of why living in a free society is inherently risky and inevitably results in lots of blood defending it or losing it. When enough people refuse to grow up (or are rewarded for not growing up) and so choose to indulge in any number of fantasy worlds — “turning aside to myths,” as it were — eventually they’ll insist on imposing their comfortable but nonexistent fantasy security blanket upon everyone else because The Real World is just too harsh.

    At that point, the real world isn’t the only thing that scares them. People who occupy the real world (or try to) scare them as much if not more. People like us.

    So what do they do? They do what we’re seeing now: they seek to alter reality (Reality be damned) at the cost of destroying society. We’re watching it happen in real time in a dozen perverse ways. And they KNOW what they’re doing is pushing for bloodshed. They know it.

  2. Aw, the suits in the movie business are pandering to the Left. How unusual.
    Why anyone goes to unsanitary theaters, pay exorbitantly for tickets and crappy snacks, sit in nasty seats with children and germs in equal numbers, listening to black women yell and talk through the entire movie, watch as hundreds of little screens and their accompanying noises go off all the time, and go home with damaged eardrums.
    The movie industry is dead. But the corpse is still twitching

  3. Oh, and that’s not even counting the leftist infiltrators and saboteurs who deliberately push for societal collapse, because they think they’re gifted enough to replace it with something better.

  4. Lazlo, you’re 100% right but I make most of the same points about public swimming pools and people think I’m nuts. I give up.

  5. I don’t watch action movies with chicks. It goes against EVERYTHING I’ve ever seen, known, or experienced in real life. I simply can’t believe what’s up there – it’s too nonsensical, EVEN for a, “movie.” 🤨

  6. Thank you Lazlo,

    If you are a grown man watching superhero cartoon/movies and then bitching about them, then it’s on you at this point. ADULTS READ BOOKS for their entertainment. I don’t know how many supposed right-wing brothers will make comments like; “You should watch this new series “X”, you won’t believe how many leftist clichés are in it.”


    Hollywood is the enemy. 100%. The only possible reason to watch a movie is if Clint is in it. I won’t even do that.

    BOYCOTT THE TRIBE. Hollywood is corrosion.

  7. Not watching any of that crap. Ho-wood has become so lost in delusion they can’t create anything new that has anything to do with reality.

  8. And don’t forget the other PC/leftie remakes! The Manchurian Candidate being programmed by an evil “Manchurian Global” equity firm, instead of Red China. Or the appalling Keanu Reeves remake of the beloved “Day the Earth Stood Still” where the threat of nuclear war with the commies is replaced by eco-mumbo-jumbo. Or the drippy political correctness of the remade Dumbo.

    I guess I’m resigned to be happy no one is still talking about a “Forbidden Planet” remake or prequel: Just imagine a lesbian Dr. Morbius unleashing the monster from the ID on the sex-starved white boys on the C-57D.

  9. They’d probably make Robbie The Robot into the first gay and or tranny robot who has issues with his robot masculinity. Or a very sensitive totally annoying android like Marvin the paranoid android who talks in a boring monotone voice and is always depressed. TCM is showing classic sci fi movies this month on Tuesday afternoons in July and Forbidden Planet is one of them. Please don’t make a remake of This Island Earth or Plan 9 From Outer Space.

  10. To speak to ‘Hollywood’s Obsession of Remaking Classics’ I had to drop the word “New” out of the premise of the article. Sh*t been going on for decades. No Knock to Dice’s take, yet it’s been way beyond that.
    Forget about gay, feminist, racist propaganda. Could you focus on nepotistic-ally non-talented trash employed instead?
    You never have. Leaving us that’s we are and have been.
    Truly wish the car insurance ‘General’ would be shot in the face by Yosemite Sam while he states ‘I hates animated Generals’,,,
    Bids fine night to all, it’s my take, and am just sticking to it.
    Be well IOTW friends.

  11. The Longest Day with an all-female cast? That’ll be the last thing they try.

    Will there be a Clit Eastwood in our future?

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