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Hate and Anger are not mental Illnesses


CFP- This week we have suffered additional senseless and tragic shootings of innocent people here in America.

This past Wednesday, Vester Flanagan II (aka:  Bryce Williams) executed two, former co-workers from WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, VA.  Flanagan had a history of anger issues mostly stemming from his being both a black man and gay.  It appears his anger continued to grow over several years and between multiple jobs.  He had reached a point where common sayings or items and street names were viewed as racial attacks and taunts against him.  His hate grew right along with his anger and this week it reached a boiling point.

It has been reported that he considered the following as racial attacks:  seeing a watermelon on top of an ice chest at work, someone stating that it was time to “go into the field” before going out on location for their job, and someone saying the name of a street “Cotton Lane”.  He had filed a discrimination suit against another former employer claiming he was harmed due to being gay.  When that was dismissed and it was shown that there are other gays at the same employer, he changed the suit to racial discrimination.


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  1. A Policeman’s Prayer (author unknown)

    Oh Almighty God,
    Whose Great Power And Eternal
    Wisdom Embraces The Universe,
    Watch Over All Policemen and
    Law Enforcement Officers.
    Protect Them From Harm
    In The Performance Of Their Duty
    To Stop Crime, Robberies,
    Riots And Violence.
    We Pray, Help Them Keep
    Our Streets And Homes Safe
    Day And Night.
    We Recommend Them To
    Your Loving Care
    Because Their Duty Is Dangerous.
    Grant Them Your Unending Strength And
    Courage In Their Daily Assignments.
    Dear God, Protect These
    Brave Men & Women,
    Grant Them Your Almighty
    Unite Them Safely With Their
    Families After Duty Has Ended.

  2. “This week we have suffered additional senseless and tragic shootings of innocent people…”

    Stop this shit. Remove the method (shooting) and speak of the act. Murder.

    It does not matter the method. What matters is the agency. Human agency. The victim could have been stabbed, bludgeoned, hacked, strangled, run over, burned.

    The tool is incidental to the act. What matters is lives were taken.

  3. Ever wonder why you don’t hear about “blunt object man”, “knife man”, “driver man”, “baseball bat man”, “choking hands man”?

    Because NOTHING has the visceral punch today like “gun man”. Hell, the media has made it into one word when they speak it.

    They have also made this most recent asshole famous. They can’t shut up about him nor refrain from repeating his name and showing pictures and videos of the monster. JUST LIKE HE WANTED.

    Show the victims, show what their loss means to their families and loved ones. Let the puerile dig into court records to learn the identity of the shit stain that killed them. For fucks sake, quit making celebrities of murderers.

  4. One of the intended consequences of removing shaming as a method for society to regulate behavior is the empowerment of these kinds of people.
    Back when I went to High school, many of us had firearms in our cars. Nobody ever used one as it would be viewed by all as an act of cowardice.
    If news reports of these things started with “A coward with a gun” even gangbangers would hesitate.

  5. The year Chicago outlawed “assault weapons” more people were murdered with golf clubs than “assault weapons.”

    Can’t allow facts to interfere with the narrative.

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