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Bernie Sanders fails in philosophical discussion on rights

Many people are focusing on the question Jan Helfeld poses and whether it was fair or whether it was a logical trap. I’m more interested in the way Sanders tangentially responds. He keeps demanding to know Helfeld’s political background. You see, this would influence Sanders’ line of attack. If Helfeld said he was right-leaning, Sanders would abandon the question and simply go after Jan on that front, which is exactly how the left operates in any arena of ideas that they are ill-equipped to perform in.

Sanders is a mean old crank and a lightweight thinker. He’s just bright enough, however, to know that his political philosophy, drawn out to its logical conclusion, is not built on freedom, it’s built on coercion by point of a gun. This is why he shut Helfeld down.

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  1. Socialism is a rabid “philosophy” built on deceit and lies. It always, invariably, MUST lead to concentration camps and the ovens because brute force is the ONLY way to make it function. The nomenklatura are ALWAYS stealing and corrupt, and one or two must be made examples every now and again to prove to the proles both to stay in line and to NOT get caught stealing.

    They will NEVER discuss their “philosophy” in clear and honest terms.

  2. The dhimmicrat front runners sure are a paragon of diversity – two old white males and an old white “female”. One of the old white males look like the guy who yells at kids on his lawn and the other looks like the guy your parents warned you about getting too close to. The old white “female” is like the old spinster aunt every family has that is so bitter no one wants to be around because she sucks the joy out of a room and makes a summer day seem cold and lifeless.

    And the dhimmicrats have the audacity to say the republicans are bereft of ideas? Where are the younger dhimmicrats who will be around to see the fruits of tbeir enslavement? I dare say the elite group of elitist “republicans” are no better.

    Time for a phoenix to arise from the ashes and make this country greater still.

  3. Government by definition is the institutionalization of coercion, right? The only difference is in how the power of government to use violence is limited and controlled.

    The less restraint on the governing against their ability to use violence the more repressive government will be. If government is not allowed to apply violence at all then you have anarchy.

    Why is that so difficult to admit or explain?

  4. To a socialist like Bernie Sanders there is no need to consider what is and is not legitimate government. To him it just does’t compute. The left wants what it wants and it wants it now. That’s the end all and be all of legitimate government to Sanders.

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